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    We have finished painting our Caboose at the Catoosa Historical Society. Originally built in 1978 by Pacific Car and Foundry as BN 12252 we chose to honor the railroad which served Catoosa for nearly 100 years by painting it as a Frisco car. I choose the number 1882 for two reasons. First it would have been a plausible Frisco number if they had continued to buy cabooses and had continued their current numbering system. Second the year 1882 is when the Frisco line was built into Catoosa and the town was established. It is painted in correct Frisco colors and lettering and looks very nice next to our Frisco depot. Oh, by the way the depot is not real either. It is a 12 inch to the foot scale model of the original depot built with plans provided by the Frisco Museum. It is built with modern construction and is correct right down to the 2 bay windows. One on each side since they moved the mainline from the East side to the West side during a line change. Anyway if your in the area come see us.

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    Good job.
  3. William Jackson

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    Very nice, Where is Catoosa?
    Bill Jackson
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    Oh I'm sorry. Catoosa is at MP409 on the Cherokee Sub of the Springfield Division of the BNSF. Or if you are not familiar with the railroad we are just East of Tulsa,OK on historic Route 66 home of the famous "BLUE WHALE". Ya'll come!
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    Man, that looks sharp! I used to go white bass fishing every spring in that area, but haven't been in a long time. If I ever make it back to eastern Oklahoma, I'll definitely stop by.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
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    Excellent job, indeed! Would like to make some front/side photos from that to future use as "photo textures" for a V scale model.

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    Nice paint job, very well done. My personal preference is that a caboose be restored to reflect its original owner or owners, but given the fact that there are so many BN cabooses across the country, I don't think this one will hurt anything. I truly understand all the reasons for going this route. It's much better to do this, than to let it rust away or go to scrap.

    What's the condition of the interior of this caboose? Is it open or can it be opened by the appropriate individual? I see that the sliding windows in the cupola have been replaced by what appears to be one solid piece on each side. I will try to stop by for a visit when I'm in the neighborhood.
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    mp4093 wrote, "Catoosa is at MP409 on the Cherokee Sub of the Springfield Division of the BNSF. If you are not familiar with the railroad we are just east of Tulsa,OK on historic Route."


    Do you have a shot of the caboose before it was repainted?

    Thanks, Roger
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    The interior is being restored. The large oil stove was removed revealing a badly rotted floor. All the flooring has been repaired, the seats reupholstered, and the walls repainted. The plan is to restore one end to in service appearance and use the rest for displaying RR artifacts and historical information. Yes the upper windows were replaced to help seal the car from the weather. No I don't have photos of the car as BN 12252 but it was in standard BN paint and lettering. We have one on display in full BN paint in Tulsa near the airport. Didn't need another. You may visit inside the
    Catoosa Historical Museum
    207 S. Cherokee,
    Catoosa, OK 74015
    Open Tuesday & Friday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

    Marc Montray
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    Brilliant workmanship and a fine display. As to the number and unit not being correct, I'd refer everyone to Modeler's Rule #1; It's your caboose.
    Long live Frisco!
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    Very nice indeed. Was there last summer. Strange, I grew up around there and never knew it was there. I watched a lot of Frisco trains pass by. But the number you choose was driving me crazy looking for research on that caboose....NOW I know which number to research I can start over..LOL

    SAFN SAAP Member

    May I have your permission to use the photos for mouse pads?


  13. Mayhem

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    Manny, I believe the is there address and phone number:

    207 N Cherokee
    Catoosa, OK 74015
    Phone: 918-266-3296
    Fax: 918-266-7156

    If you want any more detailed pictures, I could run over there and take them. I have a few posted in my album. Albiet the caboose is weatherd
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    Looks great!!

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