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  1. The wooden caboose that has arrived in Fort Smith at the Goldtrap Gardner Boys Club, has the number 1160. The car has been located in Memphis for several years. The number 1160 was on the car when it was donated to the park in Memphis back in the 1960s. The new owners intend to restore the caboose to its original state using correct materials. There is no intention to ever place the car back on live rails therefore, the trucks, brakes, bearings, etc., will be restored as original. They want to restore it correctly. Assistance has been requested for information from the ABMT Chapter of the NRHS regarding this project. However, information seems to be difficult to locate due to the fact the number 1160 was probably not the original car number when it came out of production, supposedly in 1924. Reliable information regarding materials and equipment on this car would be appreciated.
  2. I go to First Lutheran School in fort smith the caboose is only two block from my school it looks good but is it going back into a frisco scheme i saw it today it was soild white on one side and some windows were boared up. I was also wondering if i could help with the restoration after scool for an hour or so some days.|-|
  3. Murphy,

    I would suggest that you contact the Director of the Goldtrap / Gardner Boys Club regarding assistance in the restoration project, as he is in contact with the owner of the caboose. As I stated, the intention of the owner is to restore the car to its original state, not necessarily compliant to today's requirements of FRA or Class I standards. He thankfully wants the car restored accurately as a piece of history. I would therefore assume that once the rotted wood skin has been replaced and repairs made, it will be painted back to the original FRISCO color.
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    The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas for November 2, 2007 has a picture of the wood sheathing being removed.
  5. I saw the article in the Times Record. I was going to e-mail you this evening. Glad to see work started. This is a fantasic original car. I feel certain Mr. Goldtrap will do things right!

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