Frisco & C&EI coal gondolas

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  1. Chris Gobert

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    Anyone know what color this Frisco coal gondola would have been painted?[​IMG]

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  2. kenmc

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    Freight car red, as were virtually all freight cars of that era. Cheap paint.

    Ken McElreath
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  3. Chris Gobert

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    Thank you. Somewhere I read that general service gondolas were painted freight car red, coal gondolas black, might have been in the instructions for a Westerfield kit, but I cannot recall and so wanted to check with the group. I am pretty sure the C&EI gondolas of that period were freight car red, so it would stand to reason. Thanks again.
  4. Karl

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  5. mark

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    The answer is not quite so simple.

    From the same referenced document, major page 2, "page 16 of 17", identified as page 11, better check out the balance of the information.

    Please see the following:

    The use of the term Frisco "System" on some of the diagrams (black), but not others (freight car red) may have significance. Could "system" infer company service, verses general service?

    Recommend consulting an appropriate time period Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER) for additional information. There may be footnotes for the car number series that are informative. Unfortunately, my collection of ORERs do not go back to near the early 1900s.

    In more modern time, we know the first series of Pullman Standard PS-5 steel gondolas were delivered in black with white lettering and coonskin heralds. Subsequent PS orders for the same design cars were delivered in freight car red with white lettering and either at first coonskin heralds or later "FRISCO" billboard lettering.

    Hope this helps.


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  6. Jim James

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    331CF3A2-BAD2-4966-A319-FC06B32DC00F.jpeg I say black.
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  7. mark

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  8. Jim James

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    Well, at one point they said coal cars were black and general use gondolas were red. I’ve had one of each. I could see why coal cars would be black but I’m no”expert”.

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