Frisco Business Car 200 (ex KCFS&M)

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    The National Museum of Transportation (NMOT) in St. Louis, Missouri has released a list of Surplus and Deaccessioned Railroad Equipment (see attached PDF). Included in this list, on page 20 is the Frisco business car 200, formerly from the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis Railroad.

    Built by the St. Charles Car Company in 1891, this wooden office car was acquired by the Frisco in 1902 and served in company service until donation to the NMOT in 1949.

    This car has not been accessible to the public at NMOT and is listed in poor condition. Bid proposals are due April 30, 2009 and all surplus equipment is to be removed by October 2009.

    Perhaps the sale of this surplus equipment might allow for restoration of the Frisco 251 "Normandy" RPO.

    Does anyone with special access to the NMOT collection have recent photos of the 200?

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    Does anyone "in the know" with the National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis know if this business car is still there? If so, where is it stored and what are the museum's plans for it?
  3. They got rid of it, No idea where it went to though

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