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    A friend from the Texas Western Club brought this for me to look at. It is an old lithograph used for autorack PR. The file is very large when viewed full size. The original was badly decomposed and stained in spots, but I worked it in Photoshop to improve the image. I used Canon's photostich to merge three separate scans together.

    The small picture gives you an idea what it is. The zip file is the 17mb image.

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    Neat photo, Mike! And good restoration work, too. Are those 5 F units on the head-end?

    A very aesthetically pleasing shot of the SL-SF earning its keep.
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    Rick McClellan has the same lithograph, in excellent condition on display. At first my speculation was that it was taken in central Missouri, but after spending sometime with Google maps and the satellite imagery, I can't find a spot that matches the track curvature and surrounding topography (creek or river bridges and possible nursery) granted that picture looks like it was taken in 1961 based on the Rambler Wagons, Buick Specials, Pontiac Venturas & Catalinas, Plymouth Furys and Ford Thunderbirds on those cars.
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    I had the same one hanging in my basement in Annapolis. It was a Frisco PR photo taken on the Valley Park, MO lead to the Chrysler plant. The photographer was probably on US 66 (I-44 now). All the racks were 3000-series SL-SF. I did the artwork for Tim for the OddBalls Decals. I've scratchbuilt five or six. Richard Grayson was very proud of the automobile transport business they got back from the truckers in the early 1960's. Read the interview in FMIG LINES 116.
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