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    There are some really good slides out there right now, more than usual. If we could raise $200 or $300 we could probably get most of them.

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    Here is the report for February. We finished the month with 86 posts and we received two donations that allowed us to purchase more slides.

    Unforunately, this week on Thursday we will reach the end of the GS Collection. This is a great collection of images that we are proud to have on the Archive. This means (that without donations of more material) that the post could will drop by two images per week.

    I have quite a few documents that are waiting a trip through the scanner so that is something to look forward to if you like those types of posts.

    As always, we seek donations of funds (used to purchase slides) and material that can be scanned (and returned to you). Anything relating to the Frisco is desired.

    Thanks again for supporting this project folks.

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    Hi Folks,

    I have been behind so here is an updare for March and April. In March we made 90 posts and in April 74. These are lower than the past few months but we have reached the end of some collections.

    Also, I apologize for missing a few posts. I was traveling for two weeks and thought that I could keep up but I missed a few posts from the BD, FT, and DH collections. We will try to stay on track from here on.

    We have $0 available for purchases now and I have generally stopped buying slides. When donations come in we will try to buy more.

    Also, we still seek contributions of material that could be posted on the site. I know that some of you have some great stuff. All we seek to do is scan. :)

    Best wishes for summer.

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    Hi folks,

    May was good in that we posted some great images. We finished with 74 posts.

    I noted last month that we did not receive any donations. This month we received $200. Thank you! I have spent only $10 of this money and will use the rest to acquire good content for the site.

    We did not receive any donations of material, which we continue to ask for. Remember, we only want to scan, not keep.

    Thanks folks and stay tuned for June!

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    Happy 4th of July to everyone!

    Here is the June report for the Frisco Archive. It was a good month for us in several ways. We posted 87 times and I think some of the posts were very interesting. Several stimulated some good comments.

    As you know, I beg for both content and money every month. Sometimes it works and sometimes the well is dry.

    June was exceptional because we not only received over $200 in donations (all of which was used to acquire first rate content), but also, several people donated material. One new collection is beginning and several other pieces of content were also donated. This is very exciting!

    As always, we continue to ask for content and donations. Stay tuned folks, more great stuff to come from the Frisco Archive!

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    July was a good month for the Frisco Archive. First, we set a record on the number of posts: 117. Second, we acquired some new material that I am excited to be posting.

    One of them is the "AJ Collection." You might notice that at full size these are slightly grainy. These are being scanned at 600 DPI from very small photographs and we are getting you the best scans we can. Hopefully people are enjoying these. Also, the "DW Collection" is bringing forth some blockbuster images.

    We did receive a few donations over the month, a little less than $100. Funds are always needed and are used 100% to purchase content.

    As you all know by now, we seek more content! I know a lot of you have in your collections items that could be scanned for the Archive. We desperately ask you to donate (scans). We can scan and return (at our expense). One example is the "RL Collection" that posts one image per week. These photos were mailed, scanned, and returned. We ask that more of you participate in order to build up the Archive even more.

    August will be a good month, and September will mark two years since the inception of the Frisco Archive. It's all good.

    I am acquiring something right now that will be given away. More on this later, but I am getting eight items that I am going to give to (eight of) you. More on this later in the week...

    Thanks again folks. It is much appreciated.

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    Here's the August report: We set another record! We will finish August with 122 posts, up from out old record of 117 last month.

    I am off in 48 hours for Frisco-land so a short report this month. I donated about $400 to the archive in August, Ouch, but I had to do it to get some stuff that was available. I don't think we received any donations during August.

    I have acquired 18 items that I am going to (hopefully) make a gift of to 18 of you. That would be 18 people that donate $50 (or more) to Archive. We are going to be raising money for software, etc., when I get back so stay tuned for more information on that.

    We still seek content so if you have ANYTHING that we can scan and post, please contact me.

    Happy September,

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    I've been a bit behind with the software change and the server move, but here is the September report:

    We did manage to get 107 posts in for September. We also passed the 2000 post mark!

    We are also continuing to receive content but some of these sources of content will so be exhausted. We continue to ask you folks to help us with content and financial donations as we continue to work on making the Frisco Archive as good as it can be.

    Thanks again folks.

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    Hi Folks,

    I guess I should get a report out for October before November is half over. :)

    We posted 115 times on October. Those are good numbers and we posted some great material. You'll also notice a few new things showing up as we have had some donations of material. THANK YOU to the folks who have donated! We still have a lot of good things to come.

    The Frisco Archive is now more than two years old. I know at the beginning of this project that some folks did not see exactly where we were headed but if you step back and take a look at the site now, I think you can see what it is and where we are going with it. The Frisco Archive has introduced a massive amount of Frisco content to the Internet. This helps folks do research, helps model railroad manufacturers research for models (and hopefully will increase the number of Frisco models released), helps promote our railroad to new fans, and hopefully adds browsing enjoyment to our viewers.

    Our goal is to make the Archive even better. The more money we can use to purchase content, the more content can be preserved and introduced. The more content that is donated, the more goals can be achieved.

    I hope that you folks will continue to partner with the Frisco Archive and that more people will get on board.

    We seek donations of content to be scanned, and we do not seek to keep anything. Everything can be returned to contributors at our expense.

    More good things are to come. Stay tuned...

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    Hello Folks,

    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I'm actually going to get the monthly report on the Frisco Archive out before the end of November!

    We will finish November with 121 posts to the F.A. That's just one short of a record.

    I'm really excited about the future of the Frisco Archive in that we have some money to work with right now (but we can always use more), and we have a lot of good content coming in the future!

    I really enjoy scanning material such as annual reports, Frisco magazines, advertisements, pictures, etc. I wish I had more time to devote to this project but I do find enough time to keep it going at the rate that you see now.

    I know that I sound like a broken record every month asking for donations of content, and for a while I was getting discouraged in constantly asking and not hearing from folks, but I am more optimistic now. In the last few months I have heard from more folks who have things to donate, and you are seeing some of those on the Archive now.

    We have posted over 2,300 items to the Frisco Archive. That's exciting to me.

    I am now confident that as people see how large the Archive is, and how large it can be (we have enough content for several hundred more posts now), that they will get on board and donate. It's exciting to know that pictures and documents can live on through the Internet and not be packed away somewhere in a collection where no one, or only a few people, will ever see them.

    If you compare what we are doing to what other fallen flag websites have, I think you can see that the extra work is worth it. There are some other great sites out there, but I feel like (both the forums and the Archive) are shining examples of how good these kinds of sites can be.

    If you agree and believe that the Frisco Archive can be much better than it is now, then we continue to ask you to partner with us by donating material (or funds). As I have stated many times before, we do not seek to keep material that is donated. We only want to scan (and return at our expense):

    • Brochures
    • Timetables
    • Pictures/Slides/Negatives
    • Annual Reports
    • Advertisements
    If you have collections, or know people that have collections, please help us bring this content to the Internet where like-minded people can enjoy it and learn from it.

    I've now heard from TWO manufacturers that the large format pictures posted on the Frisco Archive will aid them in producing models. Good for us!

    The DH Collection came to an end yesterday. Starting next Saturday we will be presenting an advertisement each Saturday afternoon. I have a fairly large collection of advertisements on hand (and seek more) and I am practicing some scanning techniques that I hope will alleviate some of the bleed-through that occurs on these. I will also be rescanning some of the advertisements that have already been posted, in an attempt to eliminate some of the bleed-through problems that are apparent.

    Thanks again folks and feel free to contact me anytime regarding the Frisco Archive.

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    That's exciting news. I have a small amount to contribute. Going to send a few slides to Roger Taylor and 4 large calendars 1950, 51, 54, and 58 to Keith Robinson to have them scanned in large format. Fun stuff ! Keep up the good work Charlie. Our site is awesome !
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    Paul, the Fifties calendars are right up my alley. I have been looking and looking for a 1954 calendar (my birth year) to no avail. I will definitely get those puppies scanned and pass the scans to Charlie to get them up on the Archive as well as the web site. I will also use the images to produce calendars for current years.
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    Keith - Here is a 1954 Frisco calendar, not real clean, but 1954 it is.


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    Thanks, Ken, I already have that image thanks to you. Paul says his are pretty clean and I will be able to get good high resolution scans which will lend themselves to producing nice wall calendars.
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    Here's the monthly report for the Frisco Archive for December:

    We set a record! 124 posts were made to the Archive in December, and a lot of it was great stuff!

    We are getting more people submitting material and that is what we want! We still seek material to scan. One thing that I would like to see are old timetables, especially pre-turn-of-the-century stuff. I know it's out there!

    Pictures, slides, documents, anything! We need it folks so please help us out.

    Again, Happy New Year!

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    I would like to donate the photos of Frisco 1522 to the Frisco Archive. Do you need me to email them to you or can you retrieve them from my album photos?

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    I'll get with you by PM.


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