Frisco - Amory Bridge, Monroe County, Mississippi

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  1. Frisco - Amory Bridge (Old railroad bridge)
    Monroe County, Mississippi


    Railroad Bridge Tombigbee R. Mississippi, Monrow Co., Amory One-Half Mile S Of Ms. 6, 1.5 Mi. Nw Of Amory. Copy Of 8x10 Aerial Photo, About 1960, David Kaminsky, Architectural. From S. Credit To St. Louis And San Francisco Railroad, Sarcone Photography for the Historic American Engineering Record September 197. From the Library of Congress.

    Railroad Bridge Mississippi, Monroe Co., Amory One-Half Mi. S Of Ms. 6, 1.5 Mi. Nw Of Amory. Aerial View, Close-Up, From Se Of St. Louis And San Francisco Rr Bridge. David Kaminsky, Architectural August 1978. Sarcone Photography from the Library of Congress.

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