Frisco 50' DD boxcar 7050-7099

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    This is another car I modified to model another unique Frisco boxcar. This car can be seen on pg. 62 of Molo's book "Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment" number 7088 in the original paint scheme. I started with an Accurail unptd. 50' boxcar and reshaped the ends of the side sills, replaced the stirrup step on the left end of the car sides with a Tichy group bottom mount straight step #3039, cut off the cast on grabs on the left end of each car side and the ends and replaced with Kadee grabs. I did leave the cast on tack board in the high position on the ends instead of lowering it to the lower position as I thought that would be too difficult a job to do without damaging the ends. I also accepted a little incorrect decaling by having my car returned to Memphis instead of the NW in Detroit as I didn't have any decal for that. I also added the Hi Tech air hose and angle cock detail. I decaled the car with a combination of Herald King and Microscale decals because neither company supplied me with everything I needed. I will add more details (under body and cut levers) and weather this car in the future when I get some experience on some of my other cars. Terry

    IMG_1479_1.JPG IMG_1478.JPG IMG_1477_1.JPG
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    Very nice looking car. I have not weathered or blackened any of the wheels on my fleet. Its kind of rule #1 Its your rail line. I like the new look. Suppose that may be because, I worked in Springfield, in my early years and used to admire the new cars coming out of the car shop. On the other thread you posted, can't say as I have seen the combo doors before, but the plug doors used to fall off once in a while. Some times they were left open and when someone fooled with them they would just fall off. Doubt that is any reason for the combo doors. We picked several up off the right of way, once in a while.
    Bill Jackson
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    Thanks, Bill. Your idea for the plug door issue on the 40228 may very well be the reason, I just don't know. I still have work to do on both of these cars, but my daughter was over here today and showed me how to get these cars into my threads so I posted them. For some reason I have become interested in the unusual or unique boxcars that the Frisco had, so I will be doing more of them in the future.

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    Terry, I hope you will bring this car and any other projects to the Show and Tell at the convention in Joplin. We plan on having this on Saturday afternoon. More details about the MPHS-SLSF convention will be coming soon, by the way.
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    Yea Terry. You have been holding out on us here :):):) Nice work..
    Bill your right, I can show you a couple plug doors on the ROW to this day around here. Boy you wouldn't want to be giving a roll by and see that flying at you.
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    Thanks, guys, for the kind words. One of the details I am wanting to do on another upgrade of an Accurail car is the crossover platform. Any suggestions on what part would be best?

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    Atlas has announced they are taking reservations until April 28, 2015 for two numbers (7004 & 7090) of this car with a 3rd qtr. 2015 delivery date. The model looks very good with a few exceptions for rivet counters (no insult intended as I tend to that persuasion). According to the picture and text in Nick Molo's book on page 62: the 7004 is incorrect as the model has a 7' and an 8' door off set on each side while the actual car has two 7' 6" doors. The 7090 is a good number for the model. This is a slight discrepancy, I know, and it would not keep me from buying this car. I also noticed that the model shows reinforcing plates around the outside bottoms of the two doors which is not seen on the car in the picture previously mentioned. Lastly, the stirrup steps show outside mounting while the car had bottom mounted stirrups (at least on the left side of the car). Atlas added a small side sill part for this mounting. The Atlas car does have the correct sides as opposed to the Accurail car I used in building the model in this thread. Overall, this Atlas addition to the Frisco offerings is a very good model, and I hope it is well received. This car coupled (pun intended) with the Intermountain 50' box car (40000-40399) mentioned in another thread is good news for Frisco modelers.

  8. meteor910

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    Terry -

    I'm away from home so I do not have access to my Nick Molo book. I have a lot of faith in Atlas, but is it correct to have a Frisco 50ft DD boxcar with both a "Frisco Lines" coonskin on the left end and the "Ship it" slogan on the right end of the car sides? Plus, I don't ever recall seeing a "Frisco Lines" logo that large on a rail car.

    Makes for a unique looking car though!

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    After reading your post, I looked at the Atlas website and I saw the rendering of the car. The Frisco Lines Cookskin disappeared (was no long applied to new rolling stock) after the Frisco left receivership on Jan 1, 1947. Perhaps the last application of the Frisco Lines Coonskin was to the EA-7's. It seems highly unlikely that it would have been applied to a 1954-built car.
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    Agreed. The "Lines" also typically seemed to be missing on any repaint jobs and/or rebuilds of pre-1954 built cars.

    Best Regards,
  11. tmfrisco

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    I completely missed that herald when I was comparing the Atlas car with the picture in Nick's book. Unless Atlas has proof of some kind of this herald, I would question its accuracy on this car. The car in Nick's book clearly shows the later herald. Good catch, Ken.

  12. meteor910

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    I think I'll get one, or both, anyway. Kind of unique! Plus, I have enough regular black & white Frisco coonskin decals of varying sizes that I can easily fix the problem if it bothers me.

    Even though this one seems to have errors, I'm glad to see Atlas continuing to produce Frisco cars and locomotives.

  13. Larry F.

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    Terry...In regards to the crossovers...Walthers carries Detail Associates part numbers 229-6430 and 229-6432. They call them walk overs and they come with the platform, wire, and eye bolts(page 936 in the Walthers catalog). Another "different" conversion you might consider is to use an Accurail 50' plug box with Details West part #235-1023 20" coupler pocket. It'll make a dandy kit in the 8300 series. Microscale makes the proper decals. For reference there's a photo on page 67 of the Molo book. Larry F.
  14. tmfrisco

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    Larry, after studying the picture of the car on page 62 in Nick's book, I decided that this car did not have a crossover platform. Thanks for the info on the parts you mentioned. I have been using Plano Model Products crossover platforms on the cars I have modeled that used them. The only issue I have is knowing which style was used. As I crossed over cars while I was still working, I noticed different patterns in the platforms. Because of this knowledge, I have tried to use the appropriate style platform on the Frisco boxes, but I don't know that I have been entirely successful. One thing I do like about the DA parts you mentioned is that they include the hand rail above the platforms.

  15. yardmaster

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    Terry, I'd enjoy seeing a separate thread on this topic - I think it's the type of prototype info that folks like me would really enjoy learning from those who were there.

    And, Mr. Wulfert, it's good to see you back online!

    Best Regards,
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    Another discrepancy between the Atlas model and SL-SF 7000-7099 is that the prototype was built by Pullman-Standard and the model is of an AAR car. Instead of Dreadnaught ends, it should have P-S ends with the regular corrugations. Instead of diagonal panels on the roof, it should have the "bow tie" design. Despite the flaws in the model, I'll probably get one. I wish Kadee would do this car. It's similar to their 6700 series, but, alas, they have welded side panels rather than the prototypes riveted panels.

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    To All:

    By now I think we can call this offering another "foobie"!

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