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    The National Museum of Transport in Kirkwood MO has in its collection an 0-6-0 switcher, Scullin Steel 95. This was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1905 or 1906 as SL-SF 3695, sold to Scullin Steel and then donated to the NMOT in 1956. As you can see from the photos, the locomotive is in poor shape. I don't know why they took off the cylinder covers, but it seems like a good way to lose them. Note the unusual tender trucks, a Scullin design. Photographs taken on May 2, 2009 by Rich Lawler.

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  2. Iantha_Branch

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    I wicsh they would fix up 3695. It would be another added surrviver to be in good shape.

    One of these days I'll get to go to NMOT
  3. A fresh coat of paint would go a long way!!! If possible I'l try to start a Frisco steam restoration fund. For both the engine that may be scrapped and for the 3695. At least the 3695 seems to have somewhat of a home at NMOT with all the other Frisco engines.:)
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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    I posted similar thoughts, and pics, as those Rich posted above regarding SLSF 3695 at the NMOT back in October, 2008, when a few of us met there. We are thinking alike!

    I wonder if we ought to consider a small St Louis-based task force to approach the NMOT to try to convince them to move 3695 up higher on their restoration list?

    The logic is hard to beat:

    o The NMOT does not have very many 0-6-0 types
    o It is a unique looking 0-6-0 with a number of interesting features
    o The 3695 is a former Frisco locomotive - a St Louis fallen flag road, that was a local favorite (aw, shucks, it was THE favorite!)
    o The 3695 served the bulk of its later years switching Scullin Steel, a former prominent St Louis railroad-related industry, that is now gone
    o It's a small locomotive, that, hopefully, will not require extensive repair for a cosmetic restoration.

    At least they pulled it out of the poison ivy!

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    Don Wirth, please chime in. You know better than any of us what would be involved in doing a proper cosmetic restoration of 3695. What are we talking about, both in terms of money and man-hours of volunteer labor? There are certain aspects that simply have to be done professionally, and that costs money. It is always dangerous to speculate from photos, but she doesn't appear to be in terribly bad physical condition, at least for a cosmetic restoration. Of course it would be great if she could be restored to operating condition to serve as the museum switcher, meaning she would only, I assume, have to pass inspections by a state boiler inspector and an insurance inspector, but not the FRA, but that goes way beyond where anyone is now. The point is only that any cosmetic restoration should be careful not to preclude later doing an operational restoration.

  6. WOW. I was looking in closely at the photo's of the 3695 I noticed on the Coonskin photo that the 95 section of the engines number plate is original. Also that in small letter is still shows markings of the Kansas City Fort Scott & Memphis R.R. One the steam restoration group plan. I would try to set up a seperate page once some members can be conformed (Listening Mike) then try some various fundraisers to try to start some work. I couldnt do much for the engine as I live in Van Buren,AR but I'd try to make a trip or to up to St. Louis. I would love to see this engine saved.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican:)
  7. DanHyde

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    Count me in on this, whether restored to display or running. I do machine rebuilding/maintenance for a living, so..........:)
  8. FRISCO4503

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    This would be nice to restore 3695, then submit what is needed to a manufacturing company to have her modeled in all scales!
  9. yardmaster

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    A bit OT but I love the Hancock-style number plate showing cylinder diameter, type, driving wheel centers. Looks like it's missing the tonnage class BUT does have the KCFS&M sublettering for lagniappe.

    Can you imagine trying to squeeze that extra info on an HO-Scale number board if the Frisco had consistently followed this format through the years? 8^)
  10. pensive

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    I went to the National Museum of Transport yesterday and noticed this detail on the Frisco 3695 which I'd missed before, which indicates the last time the locomotive has been cosmetically restored. --Rich

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  11. meteor910

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    Re: Whistle Placement - 4300s

    Chris - That's why I'm so anxious to see the NMOT do some work to restore SLSF 3695 to a better museum display than it is now. 3695 was a Frisco 0-6-0, that ended her career working for Scullin Steel.

    So, the NMOT, who has few 0-6-0 types, has one that not only is from a St Louis "Fallen Flag" railroad - a very much respected railroad, but also worked a St Louis "Fallen Flag" industry - an company of considerable fame in the transportation industry.

    You would think they would leap at the opportunity to make 3695 one of the stars of their collection, but so far, no go, and you can hear her hissing as she rusts.

  12. Karl

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    Re: Whistle Placement - 4300s


    Indeed. The 3695, class of 1906, and member of the 3686-3695 group of engines would be a great cosmetic restoration for the Museum. I grabbed a few shots 2 years ago. She bears a Hannock number plate with KC, Ft S, & M sub-lettering.

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    Re: Whistle Placement - 4300s

    For some reason , or, another - That tender just jumps out to me.
    It's just screaming to be modeled - It has such character!
    Any takers?
  14. meteor910

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    Re: Whistle Placement - 4300s

    Here's a pic of SLSF 3695 in better times. Cute little gal, eh? I don't know who took this pic.

    NMOT is letting a gem rust away. I'm going to try to get their attention again - I haven't done a good job of that so far.


    This is going to be a spring project for me. Others in the StL area - let's work on this.

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    An excellent MDC/Mantua Kitbashing candidate! I cried. So sad to see her in that shape.

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