Frisco 1615-Altus, OK

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    Last post for the day is sadly the 1615 at Altus, OK. Again, these shots were taken in March, 2006. It appears that attempts have been made to keep the locomotive painted in somewhat of an Eagle Picher scheme. A boiler/firebox drain plug had been removed and a colony of bees had set up housekeeping between the sheets. It is was it is. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, TX

    IMG_0725_049.JPG IMG_0730_054.JPG IMG_0731_055.JPG IMG_0733_057.JPG IMG_0738_062.JPG
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    Pobably could use a bit more love huh!
    where at in Altus is it?
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    The locomotive is in a city park located at East Thompson Ave and S Navajoe St. or south of the BNSF main and east of US 283. I am not sure of the name of the park. Was not difficult to find.
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    Here's a shot from the 1960s, taken by my dad with his old Mamiya C3.

    Russian Decapod.jpg

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