Frisco 1501 Rehab

Discussion in '1500 Class Mountains' started by palallin, Feb 17, 2017.

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    I did talk with the parks director; he didn't know about the rod from the bracket to the stack, so he was going to check into it. I haven't had a chance to follow up yet.
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  2. meteor910

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    No white tires please! Let beautiful 1501 look like she did when she was operational.
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    It also looks like it needs to be notched out to miss the smokebox dog so it will lie flat against the front. Get it all bolted up tight and tack weld the bolts to the frame and pin the bell shank to avoid another jerk from trying to steal it. Also bring the red paint all the way out to the rim.
  4. My uncle Herman Stevenson had driven this Locomotive many years ago, if anyone finds any records of Engineers.
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    In a recent article from The Phelps County Focus ( they mainly talk about what all is happening with University Drive. However, at the very bottom of the article they mention this: Jernigan listed several projects to be launched by the parks department.... and potential renovation of the old Frisco train on display at Schuman Park through a grant from BNSF."

    This is great news! I noticed when I took my senior pictures with the train that vandals took the builders plate from the right side of the boiler, and you can see where they are bending the bars in the fence to get into the area. Hopefully they amp up security or modify the fence so where people can't get in.
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    I have no more specific info yet, but I will query Floyd this Sunday.

    That builder's plate was gone long before the current fence was erected, but I don't doubt further mischief is afoot despite the fence.
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    With the rehab officially done and the opening ceremony complete, I guess I must share these photos with you guys. Everything about the restoration was amazing, from the etched glass on top of the Jim Crow car, to smaller details, like painting the knobs in the cab, and attaching a rope to the bell to make it swing. I loved being a part of the group, even if I did come in a little bit later than everyone else. I enjoyed putting the seats in the passenger car, painting the interior of the car, cleaning off bird poop from the locomotive, you name it. I really wish my great grandpa was able to see what we've done to it, he would've been so proud of it.

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  9. meteor910

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    I'm very happy to see 1501 receive some tender loving care again. Congratulations to the Rolla group.
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    So you had a "Miss 1501?"

  11. palallin

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    Two things get to me: the white (silver) walls and the shade of green on the car. The work is well done, and they even reattached the valve gear.
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    What is going to prevent vandalism to these beautiful pieces? A fence isn't going to suffice.

    Ken McElreath
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    The Barners did a terrific job on editing and shooting the video. Some of those shots are just purely beautiful. I hope they publish some of those vintage photos, I haven't seen some of them before. It was also cool to see me in the video.

    Seeing the 1501 and Barney and Smith car on a curve really makes me wish they displayed her in a curve, but I digress!
    1501 curve.PNG 1501 3.PNG frisco 1501 left side.PNG 1501 newspaper.PNG 1501 on curve.PNG
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    With the permission of Jim McCarty (our own Big Jim Mac), Editor of Rural Missouri, a magazine published for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, I present a very nicely written article, Back on Track, excerpted from the October 2020 issue.

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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we see Frisco No. 1501 4-8-2 Mountain Class Locomotive built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1923 getting ready for one last trip to her final resting place at Rolla, Missouri in June of 1955. Some of the boys of Frisco Lindenwood Yards posing with 1501 before her trip.

    SLSF #1501 4-8-4 Mountain Lindenwood Yard 06-1955.jpg

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