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Discussion in 'SW1500' started by gbmott, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. gbmott

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    With his permission, I am forwarding this from Dave Schauer of the TwinPortsRail Yahoo group -- Gordon.

    We are lucky in Duluth to actually still have examples of end-cab BNSF
    switchers in service (ex-Frisco MP15s 3701 and 3702). They like to couple
    them nose-to-nose so it is a catch to find one operating sans its sister and
    in a position to shoot its long hood. Lately 3701 has been the switcher that
    seems to disappear from the set, probably for some continuing maintenance
    issue. That has left 3702 by itself for brief periods and this weekend I
    noticed it was teamed up with a pair of geeps. Yesterday it was trailing
    upon departure from Rice's Point but today it was leading. What I liked is
    they had the radiator covered with a canvas tarp due to the cold weather,
    just like the old days!

    Dave Schauer

    Duluth, MN
  2. gbmott

    gbmott Member

    Almost two years later not only are 3701 and 3702 (SLSF 362-363) still in Duluth (Minnesota), but now they have been joined by SW1500 3411 (SLSF 326) as you will see if you go to the link below.

  3. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Cool! Almost looks like a model railroad photo. I wish the BNSF would do a Frisco heritage paint job on some locos. Thanks for posting the photo.
  4. RogerRT

    RogerRT Staff Member Staff Member Supporter

    Not only that the geep is x-Frisco (#427) as well, an all x-Frisco lashup. Very rare!!!


  5. gbmott

    gbmott Member

    Good catch, Roger! I didn't even think to look at the GP38. The two MP15's have been in Duluth for several years, usually working together, and are referred to by fans up there as the "Frisco Sisters".

  6. tmfrisco

    tmfrisco Member Supporter

    I enjoyed the jobs that used the MP15s because they rode very smoothly due to the road trucks under them rather than the regular SW1500 trucks which were rough riding. We also had no problems with flat spots on them because of the same reason. SW1500s had flat spots almost from the beginning. I am glad that they are recognized as being Frisco originals, although it would have been nice to see them in Frisco colors.


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