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  1. Turky44

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    was Fort Smith joint run by Frisco and MoPac in the '40s/50's?

    just trying to figure out which railroads were in Fort smith around that time
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  2. gstout

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    Here's the general layout.


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  3. john

    john Supporter

    Fort Smith, 40's, 50's, Missouri Pacific, Frisco, KCS, Midland Valley. KCS wasn't quite as active, but it is the only original RR left.
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  4. SteveM

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    Things were different back then. The MoPac installed a version of CTC on their line that crossed in from Olkahoma to handle traffic during WWII. I don't think anything was joint (separate passenger depots, etc.) except for some trackage rights on the bridge. Which became more defined when the Corps took out the MoPac bridge.
    Steve Marquess
  5. john

    john Supporter

    I believe there were still some joint industry spurs. They'd be interesting to model if you were operating more than one RR.

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