Fort Smith in Trainz - 1908

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    9737F305-B472-453E-B9A3-A80C3033D752.png CFE84016-E869-4715-B2EE-FCC9623E11D8.png 9E83DB33-1A4D-44E9-929B-39211F314734.png i am working on Fort Smith in 1908 in Trainz, using Sanborn Maps as templates

    (-Templates not shown-)
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    I have a V scale (Microsoft Train Simulator in my case) version if the Frisco circa late 1880's. Currently the rails run from just north of Seligman, down through Fort Smith, into Indian Territory to Talihina. I also have all the coal belt lines represented as well as the St. Paul Branch. V scale can be addictive!

    Andre Ming
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  3. Turky44

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    the frustration of lining up basemapz
    of which i need to to place tracks
  4. WindsorSpring

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    Have you looked into TransDEM? It saves a lot of effort getting grades and watercourses located.
  5. Turky44

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    i have, but it costs money
  6. WindsorSpring

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    Not that much, considering what it does for a more realistic scene. It is about the cost of a hopper car in HO.

    Check the thread

    especially the early posts for how dricketts used TransDEM. Then check a few of the later posts to see how it helped him make the terrain look very believable.
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    and I live in Fort Smith, so i guess it's somewhat important to me for a Fort Smith in 1908 Trainz

    and i am curious in Fort Smith's Railroad Past
  8. Turky44

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    I have some 1908 Fort Smith Sanborn Maps on my computer as a incomplete collection

    Where can find the rest?

    (-I do not remember where I got the online ones-)

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