Form 710 TPR Train Performance Reporting

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    This form provides an explanation with regard to train identification as used to track train performance. EPSON463.JPG EPSON464.JPG EPSON465.JPG EPSON466.JPG EPSON467.JPG EPSON468.JPG EPSON469.JPG EPSON470.JPG

    Here is an example of how it's used. On the train sheet and on the train orders Sperry Car number 125 will operate between Paola and Ft Scott as Extra SRS125 South, in the TPR system it will be ID'd as POFT-70728. See the attached clearance card.

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    Karl, thanks for posting this! Fascinating, especially some of the running times for specific subdivisions.
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    Karl - thanks very much for this. With a stack of older Clearance forms and newer ones with the "Train Identification" box in my layout room, it's nice to see how this was utilized. I'm also realizing I have one of the TPR instructional booklets that I'd picked up sometime in the last 5 years or so and had never really delved into it ...going to have to take a closer look at all of the odds and ends that I've accumulated and make sure I'm not missing any other good nuggets of information.

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