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    From the Collection:

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  2. What 45 tonner is on that flat car could that be the #11? I can't get the photo to expand any bigger.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
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  3. Sirfoldalot

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    Murphy - It says :
    U S NAVY
  4. Good eyes I can't see that on that little photo.:)
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  5. Iantha_Branch

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    didn't know that frisco had them heavy duty flat cars. Guess that's anthoerthing to add to the list of projects. Buy Athearn heavy duty flatcar and repaint.
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    Don't worry bout it .. I had to crank it up 250% in order to make it out. :)
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  8. Joseph Toth

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    Oldtimers remember the Revell HO scale Frisco flat car that was offered in the mid-50s.

    Mabie not 100% prototypical for the Frisco but I imigine most Frisco modelers of the period included it in their freight car roster just the same. If Revell had just offered their SW7 for the Frisco in those long gone days.

    Joe Toth
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  9. skyraider

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    Does anyone have an idea what color the flat car carrying the 45 tonner would have been in the photo posted above? The only colors I've seen on Frisco flat cars are yellow, black and silver (the silver in MOW duty). This doesn't look black.


    Paul Moore
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  10. WindsorSpring

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    Could it be yellow? Some of the early non-panchromatic black-and-white films portrayed yellow as a deeper gray tone.
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  11. pbender

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    Black? I have never seen one in black.

    Frisco did have some boxcar red ( brown really ) flatcars. There is one ( which has been demoted to MOW service ) on page 120 of Nicholas M0lo’s “Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment” ( published by Morning Sun).

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  12. skyraider

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    That's what I was guessing, but didn't know if they had any in boxcar red. Thanks!!!
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  13. skyraider

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    It doesn't look yellow to me , but who knows with black and white film...
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  14. mark

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    The flat car, SLSF 95701, is freight car red with white lettering.

    Hope this helps.


  15. yardmaster

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  16. skyraider

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    Thanks, Mark and Chris. According to Chris' link, they were not only freight car red when new, but many were repainted yellow in the early '50's. So you have to choose what era you are modeling.
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