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Discussion in 'Passenger Operations' started by Rick Morgan, Jan 21, 2007.

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    Can anyone confirm the date of the FIREFLY's last run? I have it around Dec 1959 but would like to verify the date.

    Rick Morgan
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    The Firefly was still listed in the May 1960 Official Guide, with a through KC-Tulsa coach carried in 107-108 north of Fort Scott. My notes indicate the train was discontinued May 23, 1960, but I do not know if that was the last run date or the "effective" date (the last run having occurred a day earlier.)

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    OK, to make this a little more challenging, when did the Firefly last operate with its original dedicated equipment? Did the train in its original form survive intact long enough to have been diesel-powered.

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    The Texas Flash ceased operations between Tulsa and Dallas on 5/1/47, and it returned to its original KC - OKC operation. Locomotive 1026 was retired on May 31, 1949, engine 1031 was retired on October 4, 1949, and 1018 was retired May 22, 1950. On April 30, 1950, the Firefly was discontinued between Tulsa and OKC. I believe that the trains were dieselized during Feb 1950 because of the coal strike that was affecting the national at that time. The original train set did survive to the diesel era, albeit in green livery. The question becomes when did the train lose its Zephyr Blue livery? The Blue was gone Frisco-wide by 1955.
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    There is a list from the late Frisco Museum with the dates of the paintings and re-paintings of the "war years" blue-gray (actually blue and off white) Firefly/Meteor paint scheme. That list is no doubt (where??) in the scanned museum newsletters on this forum.

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