Fayette Jct - comparison TOC vs 20th century

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    Hi All:

    My virtual rails have reached Fayette Jct. I have a track chart, but it is from about the late 50's to mid-60's. I am modeling the 1900's.

    How much change took place? Does anyone have a track chart or other track data for Fayette Jct, circa 1900?

    I would prefer my effort to be as accurate as practical, but will lay track according to the known data I have if nothing else surfaces by the time I return home this evening.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    The following 1918 info comes from the 1918 Valuation Survey of the ICC at Fayette Junction.
    Depot- Depot 1-consisted of three 9 by 34 car bodies
    Depot 2- one story brick building with a wood platform I would image depot 2 was a replacement for the depot 2.
    Foreman’s Office- one story frame building
    Machine Shop -20 by 20
    Supply House 9 x 34 car body
    Fuel Oil Tank
    Car Repair Tool House – 8 by 12
    Scrap Box
    Locker house 9 by 34
    Cinder Pit 11.5 by 102.6 The cinder pit had two tracks
    150 Ton Balance Bucket Coaling tower (built 1909)
    Scale- 40 ft long with capacity of 100 tons (built 1907 )
    Water Tank-wood, 12 ft above the ground with circumference of 30 feet
    I believe that Sligo Iron and Bauer Lumber had plants at Fayette Junction
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    Thanks Tom!

    That helps me to know what should/shouldn't be there. The build dates are especially helpful. Seeing as I'm looking at the 1900's, I can discount the fuel oil tank, coaling tower, scales, likely no depot 2, but the three boxcars could have still been on location.

    I reckon when I'm ready to start putting down the track (either tonight or tomorrow night), I will go with the track charts I have and edit the elements that obviously wouldn't have been there in the 1900's. (Such as Gulf Oil Co, Cy Carney Butane, etc.)

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