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    Weather the storm, Ken. Keep us posted, on how you r.
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    You look quite proper their, Scott
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    No damage, great looking guy PERIOD
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    Will have to give this a bump as I saw one of our long-time members going to back to the FMIG Newsletter days. Tim Cannon appeared in the Southeast Missourian; note that he is very appropriately and sharply attired for Chaffee German Days.

    The 11th photo down in the gallery...


    If you're out there, Tim, I'm very glad to see that there's some emphasis on "German" in German Days. I remember seeing Sister Anna Schmitt and the Belleville Althoff dancers and a German band years ago when they still had the event at the old Frisco General Office Building site, but it seemed that there wasn't much of it at all when I moved away in '94.

    Best Regards,
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    Ok, I'll drop an earlier picture of me in here.

    I'm not as lucky as Mr. Wirth, but I'm having fun just the same. :D

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    Looks like a great time Darren! Is the locomotive a 4-6-2 Pacific?

  8. Steamnut

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    Yes sir. Coal fired and safeties lift at 125 psi.

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