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    Please see this action photograph shot of SD-45 928 at Marysville, KS.


    The Frisco engine is "off the property" in pool service. The engine is in a mixed consist with Union Pacific (UP) Railroad locomotives that include General Electric (GE) U-30-C models. Marysville, KS is the first UP division crew change point northwest of Kansas City. The photo is undated.

    There are a number of details visible in this photo including the L shaped window in front of the engineer (unique on the Frisco to the SD-45s), ground light below the engineers window (at night the light helps at low speeds to determine if moving, direction and speed) and the rock pilot common on many Frisco units.

    Subtle details include the black rubber gaskets around the number boards, windows and class lights. On models these can be replicated with a very fine point Sharpie pen. Coloring the window gaskets also helps disguise thicker plastic cab walls. Also note the white plastic covers over the front running board light. This is the white horizontal strips low on the pointed nose. These can be simulated with a touch of white paint or thin strip of decal.

    Just to the rear of the ground light is the front truck air supply line and cut out angle cock. The air cut off cock for the rear truck is on the opposite side. This opposite side arrangement was unique to this model.

    When hosteling units around service tracks and shops having the truck cut off on opposite sides could create extra work moving from side to side (up, over and down - then back again, or up one side, around the end, then back down the other side) of the engine(s).

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