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    When the 296 and 297 first came to Tulsa, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The hump set at the time consisted of two SW 1500s which had no speed recorder. As the regular hump speed was two mph, it was difficult to judge until the wheels began to get some flat spots, and then I would listen to the rhythm of the flat spots to judge the speed. With the hump control feature on the SD38s, all we had to do was set the speed and let the engine do the rest. They worked very well for several years. They were mated with a SW 1500 until the tonnage grew to the point that they were going to add another 1500. I was afraid that would be too much independent brake which might result in knuckles breaking. I suggested adding a GP-38 instead which they did. Tulsa is down hill until about 45 to 50 car lengths then it is uphill to the hump. Therefor, our SD-38s were equipped with extended range dynamic brakes. The only issue was that because the hump control worked so well in braking, sometimes at night I would be dozing:eek: and would not be aware that I had gotten to the point where I needed to change over to power. The hump conductor would key the radio or clear his throat:eek:, and I would come to and know to change over to power. The engines would hold most cuts on the down hill portion ok, but as tonnage continued to increase, we started using air on a few cars to supplement the braking needs. After the merger and renumbering, we had the BN 6260, 6261, 2299, and 2361 regularly assigned to the hump. I saw many men taking picures over the years, and I may be in some of them:cool:, but I know who the star of the picture really was:). Today they are using two SD40s as the tonnage has continued to increase (see a pattern here?). That picture really brought back a lot of memories to me. Terry

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