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    Please see this action photograph shot of GP-38AC 626 and 3 sisters at Crocker, MO.


    The photo caption indicates train is east bound. The second unit is another GP-38AC, SLSF 649, the third unit is a U-25-B and fourth unit s a U-30-B. Unfortunately the 3rd and 4th unit numbers are unknown. The photo is dated 8/3/1980.

    The train is on the Lebanon Subdivision in route to St. Louis. The low afternoon sun nicely captures several details. The nose Gyralite is rotating and the horn is sounding for local grade crossings.

    Hope this helps!


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    SLSF #636 is still extant as BNSF #2113 in the BN white face scheme. Last seen in West Burlington, IA at the old CB&Q West Burlington Shops on 9/1/2013, by Keith Robinson and Mark Davidson.
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    Thats a great photo Mark, was it CTC then? The rail looks heavy and in good shape. lt appears the hoghead had'em leanin into the tonnage to. I am so glad a few folks had there cameras out once in a while along the Frisco.


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