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    Although Elwood had a post office, it was never large enogh to be platted as a "town". The depot, built in 1905, was a compact affair, and it measured 8'-2" x 24'-2". Twenty three feet to its north(rr) the Frisco placed a 12'-2" x 16'-2" freight and baggage house. By 1923, the depot had been closed, and the baggage and freight house was retired on 12/5/1933. The 59' x 52' stock pen was retired on 5-7-1933.

    During the early 20's the passing track handled 33 cars, and the stock track handled 10 cars. The traffic demands of WWII caused the Frisco to lengthen the passing track to 101 cars. When this drawing was made during the early 60's the south turnout had been removed, however, when the Frisco converted the Ash Grove Sub to CTC, the turnout was replaced. The Elwood passing track was sometimes used as a hold out track for trains when the west yards were full.

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