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  1. I used to get a painting drawing of BLUEPRINT DIAGRAM of EA7 2002 on ebay.
    However, there is no signature of the EMD designer, and the painting drawing is easily written, so the dimensions are not shown.
    I think it may be an appendix of Model Magazine.
    After that, I often see them listed on ebay.
    I'm sorry, but if you know the publisher of this 2002 BLUEPRINT DIAGRAM, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.
    The size of DIAGRAM is about 20inX10in.


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  2. klrwhizkid

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    I believe that was an official Frisco promotional handout.
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  3. Hi klrwhizkid

    Thank you for letting me know.
    I am very grateful to know that it is an official Frisco promotional distribution.

    I personally love the red and cat whiskers of FRISCO's E7 E8.
    The designer who considered such a beautiful painting is wonderful.
    It became a daily routine to look at the Model of E7 E8 every day.
    The sight of drinking Japanese sake, Brandy, every night is the best time of happiness.


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