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    From the May, 1950 issue of Frisco's All Aboard:

    Here is the full All Aboard article regarding the conversion of the six Frisco Texas Special and Meteor E7's from their original livery in 1950 into the "Racehorse" scheme designed to match the newly arriving E8's from EMD. I had seen three of these pics before, but never all four complete with the captions. If I post them correctly, the pics will show in the correct order.



    ps - Well, they are showing in reverse order! Bah! Read the captions from the right pic to the left pic. Sorry.

    66149_10203490708362652_157629355637916998_n_a.jpg 10492585_10203490708722661_7254026731271347817_n_b.jpg 10417665_10203490709002668_3043267445467826198_n_c.jpg
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    Machts nichts, Ken! Its all good!
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    This article was actually in the June 1950 issue of All Aboard. The same issue has a short article discussing the remodeling of the KC-Florida Special Diners (cars which apparently were the recipients of the fluting removed from the Texas Special locomotives.).
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    Got it fixed for you, Ken. Thanks for sharing.
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    Looks better now.

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    Thanks Keith. I love the E8's, but I always thought the six E7's modified into the "Racehorse" decor had a special classy look with the smoother roof line resulting from the E7 radiator grills.

    I remember being in downtown Rolla once before lunch getting a haircut. As I left the barber shop, I heard #3 blowing for the crossings and station stop, so before going to eat, I wandered over to the depot. On the point of the Will Rogers that day (probably 1962 or 1963) was SLSF 2001, Ranger, one of the E7's. It was all faded, weathered and beat up, still in its original red and gold stripe white bordered decor. Up front, it still had the remnants of the blue coonskin; most of the blue paint had worn off but you could still see the blue color here and there. That was the first and only time I saw one of the "horses" with its original blue herald on the nose.

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