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    Enjoying the efficiency of the new diesels, I do not believe that the Frisco management would have taken the EA-7s out of service for modification until all of the E-8s were firmly established in their roles. So May 1950 seems right to me.

    Ken McElreath
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    Boy wouldntcha like to have the binder or folio that original drawing came from??!!

    Tom G.
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    One would think there would be more copies of painting diagrams around, but not so it seems.

  6. I just saw this thread. I have these two in my accumulation of stuff from my dad.
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    Both sheets are very nice. There is a similar, though smaller-scaled ("HO gauge") drawing of Mikado 4210 on page 27 of the Railroad Model Craftsman Steam Locomotive Plan Manual and Album (1959: Ramsey, NJ Carstens Publications, Inc.). It looks like a sure bet the blueprint was the original source for the drawing in the book. That gives some confidence as to accuracy. The book leaves out the driver detail, however.

    Thanks for posting these.
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  8. you bet. Glad you like them. Maybe someday I will get them hung on the wall?
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