Don't Fear Resin or Building a Westerfield Sawtooth Boxcar

Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by Jim James, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Jim James

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    Thanks, men! It's all about fun!
    Manny, my era is 1915-1925 so it represents a 12 year old poorly maintained rust barge downgraded to crappy jobs in humid swamp east Missouri on a backwoods branch line. Thanks for all the advice on weathering. Show us how it's done correctly, Manny. Photos of your work would help me refine my weathering skills more than words. I'm just a hillbilly with superglue, old tools,cheap paint and a basement:)
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    There is a film preserved by the MO DNR (Moss Tie and Timber film?) showing tie loading near the Black River. Wiry farm kids used the flexing boards just as you have portrayed them. The guys did appear to have a square of fabric, or leather on their shoulder to reduce abrasion and possibly splinters. They removed a panel from a gondola to load ties and they had a technique of rolling the tie off their shoulder and somehow guided the tie precisely into a perfect stack. They also were loading ties into ACL, or SAL ventilated box Missouri! You must see how skilled farmers could handle a team (one mule paired with a horse) and wagon.

    John Sanders

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    Thank you for posting this. I'm going to order that DVD right now. That is way too cool. That little YOUTUBE glimpse was great. Jim, that looks right up your alley! I'm working on having ventilated car doors cut for 34' ventilated fruit cars right now. Can you say Zalma Branch goes Fruity???

    Thanks again John. Great stuff!

  4. Jim James

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    Heck yes! Good stuff. Thanks. Gives me even more ideas.

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