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    Hi, guys,
    Recently acquired the April, 1945 issue of Trains magazine. An article on the Dixon Hill redo is in there. I obtained permission from Kalmbach Publishing to bring it here, so, enjoy! Kalmbach sent me the PDF, with a couple extra pages!

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    Another good issue of Trains is from 1943 with the "Hot Spot on the Frisco" article in it about Southeastern Jct. I forget which month it is, but it's a great article by Bill Barham.
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    Dan, thanks for obtaining the posting permission - this ihas made my day!

    Now I need to find the Southeastern Jct. article that Don reference; I'd love to take a look at that one.

    Best Regards,
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    "Hot Spot on the Frisco", about S.E. Junction just west of Lindenwood Yard, was in the December, 1943 issue of Trains.

    Another good article to get would be "Record Railroad Building", from the October, 1941 issue of Trains, about the building of the Fort Leonard Wood branch from Bundy Junction, west of Newburg, down to the fort.

    I have another article on the relocation of Dixon Hill, "Frisco Relocates on Dixon Hill", but I have no indication of what publication it was in , or when it was published. Possibly the Frisco employee publication, circa 1943-1945 ???


    ps: There also is "Frisco Between Two Cities" from the January, 1948 Trains, describing the ride between Tulsa and Oklahoma City behind steam. Pics of 1520, 1522 and others in it.
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    You are right the Frisco Relocates on Dixon Hill was from the employee magazine, there was also an article on the Hancock Hill relocation & regrade that was performed after the Dixon Hill work was completed. In addition to these there was a an article on Modern Railroad Engineering that discussed the Fort Leonard Wood branch construction as well as an article on CTC installation on area either side of Newburg. Although I don't have dates as to when these article were ran other than I'm sure in the 40's. In addition to these the June 1941 issue of Railway Age ran the article Uncle Sam Builds a Railroad Fast, which had some interesting information in it as well. I've been able to obtain either the original issues or good copies of all except for the Railway Age article, it has still managed to elude me.

    Brad Slone

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