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    There are two sets of A-B F3's offered. Both will get you an ABBA. Also offering a single F3A. To get an extra F3A, you need to buy SLSF 5010. Then, with an F3AB set, you can have a ABA set. But, remember, these F3's came to the SLSF as ABBA sets. The Alco FA A&B's came to the SLSF as ABA sets.
    Just FYI.

    ps - Sure wish they would do a F7 ABBA set, with an extra F9B as an add on. All in b/y of course.
  2. Yes well if possible (more pricey this time aound) am going for ABBA. But may just have to settle for ABA. It happened occaisonally. Have an upcoming trip to Hawaii to scatter my Mothers ashes so have to watch my budget that may result in an AB only, but that would be better than none at all for me.

    Was thinking of a shot i saw once of FA and 2 F3Bs once so had FA leading the 3 unit lash up on brain at the time even though was ABB.

    The F7 ABBA with the F9B would be incredible and $$$. Maybe in the near future hopefully.
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    Much as I love F-units, I'm going to pass. Pass out from sticker shock, that is.
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  4. I'm thought the same thing when i saw the annoucement. I had bought some MKT (204 set) Fs several years ago and were a bit pricey even then and without sound even. Wanted to get the 4 WP "Fab 4" F7As but havent yet. Saw them all the time as grew up near WP and SP mainlines in California.
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    I bought an Athearn Genesis F3 #5010 several years ago, one without sound. I think sellers were unloading the models without sound, so I got that for a good price and was able to convert it to sound with a pre-Tsunami Soudtraxx board. It was expensive (I thought), but much less than sound-equipped models. The current price listed is quite a bit higher. I realize the prices listed are MSRP; what will street prices be?
  6. Well i had considered buying used ones but may end up with someones nightmare units that look great but that don't run so great.

    As for street prices who knows at this point. Would be nice if they were a little lower than what they are asking. I am sure they (Athearn) are making a killing and they could honestly be less. Markup really bites the consumer but great for the manufacturer, businesses being as they are. They still could have offered these Frisco units with new road numbers though for those that already have them, or perhaps old ones and new ones to satisfy both sides of the fence.
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