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    I just purchased an ex FRISCO heavyweight lounge car "Oklahoma City". Built as a diner by ACF in 1933 and rebuilt by Springfield Shops in 1934 as a lounge car. Does anybody have photos or information on this car? We plan to rebuild the car, and return it back to FRISCO livery. After restoration begins photos will be posted on the RIP TRACK page of our website at www.ozarkmountainrailcar.com Please contact our office with any info at 417-546-6453 or info@ozarkmountainrailcar.com Thanks John Suscheck]
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    Diagram - 600-Class Hvywt. Diner Cars

    600-Class Hvywt. Diner Cars. Published in FMIG Newsletter #25.

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    Diner-Lounge "Kansas City" in shadowline paint

    Diner-Lounge "Kansas City" in shadowline paint; W. Springfield Car Shops 10-24-1950. Published in Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" magazine; posted with permission.

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    Can anyone tell me anything about a diner named Birmingham or another diner numbered 1506? I saw these cars listed in a consist from 1961 for a joint SLSF - Southern Railway train and would like to try to GIF the consists, if I could find out more about the cars.
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    This inquiry was posted a long time ago and I just ran across it--"Birmingham" was a sister car to "Kansas City" and "Memphis." 1506 was a similar car (without the fancy paint job and fluting) that was protection for the other three or used in special trains.

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    There's a photo of 1506 in Gordon's Album, taken in Springfield in 1961

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