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Discussion in 'GP15' started by Rick McClellan, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    Just picked up my Sept/Oct 2010 Diesel Era yesterday and it has an article on EMD's GP15-1. This is part one and it includes units built for the CNW and Conrail. Part II will have units built for the Frisco and the MP. As usual there are lots of photos and some good background on the CNW and Conrail units. Looking forward to the next installment which should be out soon.

    BTW there is an interesting article on the Tulsa-Sapulpa Union RR included in this issue. Wish there had been more information on the railroad but the author did include present day industries served by the TSU.
  2. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    Page 8 contains a photograph of Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Rwy, GP-50, number 5004, which was ordered by the Frisco....nee BN 3104 retired 1997; sold to Indiana & Ohio, 3100, 1999; to CBNS 5004; reassigned to IORY, 2001.

    Has it really been that long since the GP-50's were new?

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