Diesel Era - Feature article on SLSF GP40-2 units

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    FYI, today I received my March/April 2019 issue of Diesel Era magazine (Volume 30, Number 2). Yes, they usually do run a month or two behind the calendar! Late or not, it's my favorite railroad magazine. I have every issue.

    Anyway - this issue has a nice feature article on the Frisco's 25 EMD GP40-2 locomotives, SLSF 750-774. Most every unit is pictured, all color, most in full o/w decor, but some with the stenciled BN numbers on the cab side, and some in full BN decor (i.e., gangreen & black). Anyway, a good article for us, pages 18 to 34.

    This is an issue for you Tom!

    I'm glad to see them do another article on Frisco power. It's been a while. I'd like to see them do a full bore feature on our SLSF E7 and E8 units. Karl and I talked a while back about getting together and helping them do such an article.

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    That's great! Going to have to check into that. Hope you and Karl can get something going.
    I would certainly like to see a couple pic of #2009 - the elusive "Jet Pilot"!
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