Did the FRISCO have any?

Discussion in 'General' started by FRISCO4503, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. FRISCO4503

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    Does anyone know if the FRISCO had any Steam Locomotives in a 2200 series, and if so what arrangement was the wheels. I am making an address plate for the front of my home in the FRISCO coonskin hearald and would also like to aquire a locomotive with the numbers of my house address as well. Any help would certaqinly be appreciated. The number I am looking for in particular is #2202. Thanks In Advance!

  2. Karl

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    2202, nee 51, nee 2 was built for the FtW&RG by Cooke. The 4-4-0 had 17" x 24" cylinders, carried 140 BP, had 63" drivers, weighed 148,000lbs, and it exerted 13100lbs TE
  3. Frisco2008

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    If you are going to make it/have it custom made, just do it! There used to be an address plate on Yale Ave here in Tulsa in the 2XXX sequence. Just across from a church reputed to have a Frisco bell in it's bell tower!

    Glenn , in Tulsa
  4. JamesP

    JamesP James Pekarek

    There is a house in Marshfield that has a Frisco Coonskin street address plate. The man that lived there had worked for Frisco, and I worked with his grandson who had purchased the house from his g'pa's estate. When the grandson sold the place, I begged him to sell me the coonskin, but he was selling the house to a cousin that wanted the address plate to stay! It's still there on Jackson Street, although I don't remember the number off the top of my head.

    - James
  5. w3hodoug

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    Will, Search and ye shall find.
    The Frisco Steam Roster Excell Spread Sheet I generated years ago is posted here on frisco.org. It lists 50 4-4-0s in the 2200 series. Some had three previous numbers. The 2200 series was the last prior to scrapping. Doug
  6. w3hodoug

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    1212 Finneans Run in Arnold, MD also has one. That is the Annapolis suburb where Sandy and I lived, in three different houses, for 37 years. Alan of the Frisco Museum had a supply years ago. They were nice, but I had to repaint the red background about every two years.

    1212 was a 1907 BLW 2-8-0 originally purchased by the NOT&M.
  7. TAG1014

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    Variations of those are all around Springfield, because there were so many Frisco employees. From the real thing to home made wood shop examoles.

  8. Karl

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    Here are some more details from a different diagram

    Grate Area-16.29ft^2
    Bridge Class-E-20
    Eng Truck Dia-28"
    TE- is different 12500lbs
    Wt Drivers-50000lbs
    Wt Eng-80000lbs
    Tender-8 tons coal; 3700 gal wtr; 33"whls


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