Delta Trailing Trucks on 1040's and 4000's

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    Wes Camp on is asserting that reequipping a steam locomotive with a Delta training truck required also a new frame. I have never heard nor read anything to indicate that the Frisco's 1040's received new frames when they were "modernized" with increased driver diameter, larger sand domes, cross-compound air pumps, etc., nor of anything like that when the 4000's were acquired from the PRR and IHB.

    Have any of you ever heard such?

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    I looked through the 1930 Locomotive Cyclopedia, and it seems that GSC offered an “after market adapter cradle” which would allow for the conversion to a Delta trailer. See Fig 1737. It appears that the conversion could have been accomplished without the need for an entirely new frame.

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    Thanks very much Karl, I think something like this is far more likely to be the answer than new frames.
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    Isn't General Steel Castings the company that said they could cast everything for a locomotive except the fireman and engineer?

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