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    Hey all! Does any body know when they non-Eagle Pitcher decapods were retired? Any information is greatly appreciated!

    - Chase
  2. Decapod Frisco

    As the Frisco began retiring the class, they sold 1615, 1621, 1625, 1630, and 1632 to the Eagle Picher Mining Company in October 1951.

    Thirteen years later, Eagle Picher donated all five to various sites. In engine number order, the recipients were Altus, OK, National Museum of Transport in St Louis, Texas State Fair Association in Dallas, TX, Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL and the Smoky Hill Railway and Historical Society of Ottawa, KS.

    Decapod Frisco St. Louis Baldwin Union Illinois 1630 Railroad Steam Train Postcard
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    Hey there, thanks for the post! I have found that page and was trying to find any disposition dates for the 2-10-0s other than those that went to Eagle Pitcher.

    Thanks again!

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    Joe Collins’ Frisco Power notes “...the extinction of the class an impending certainty in 1951...”

    I would have to dig a little deeper for more specific retired/scrapped dates.

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    First-1621 was retired after a head-on collision and ensuing explosion of dynamite, which was carried in the consist of the train. The collision occurred between trains 135 and 136 at Wallerville, MS (MP-C568.0) on June 17, 1921.

    The Class remained intact until 1950, when the Frisco retired 4 of the Bolsheviks. During 1951, the Frisco retired the remaining 16 locomotives. During 1950, the Frisco received 43 GP-7’s, which was the beginning of the end of the 2-10-0’s.

    I can’t identify which of the locomotives left the roster during 1950, but I can narrow it.

    1613-Retired 4th qtr 1951; the last Bolshevik in service;
    1615-Sold 4th qtr 1951; EP
    1617-Retired 4th qtr 1951
    1619-Retired 1st half 1951
    1620-Retired 4th qtr 1951
    Second 1621-Sold 4th qtr 1951; EP
    1622(QAP)-Retired 1st half 1951
    1624-Retired 4th qtr 1951
    1625-Sold 4th qtr 1951; EP
    1626-Retired 4th qtr 1951
    1630-Sold 4th qtr 1951; EP
    1631-Retired 4th qtr 1951
    1632-Sold 4th qtr 1951; EP
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