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  1. Tom, I think we just buy them all and scan them to share!! Ha
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    LOL yea Steve, I wish we could, only if we could get copy machines to print white. Anyways, I want to build the 1776 and the 1240, if you wanted to build the 1250 that would work for both of us...
    Just a thought.
    Please carry on my friends.
  3. If you have your heart set on those you can take them Tom. I have a couple lifetimes of projects already. No biggie to me.
    FYI, I have a guy that prints white decals for me if you need. It takes a couple weeks but turn out nice.

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    Same here Steve, if we could copy them we should and make them available to all the folks that got well "hammered" by Oddballs Decals. And there are a bunch of them. I was a defender of same until it was apparent even to me that somethin was "amuck" with Oddballs decals.
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    OK. I'll send a follow-up to gna, to Steve and to Tom later today.
    Between Steve and Tom, who should I mail the 731 to? It will indeed do three cabs - I like your idea to share it! I look forward to seeing your finished products. I was surprised by the third one - main color was "Rock Island blue" per the diagram in the pack. Don't think I ever saw that one, SLSF 1240!
    gna - I have some small circle PRR circle keystones out of a Champ HN ("name") set. They are perfect for early cars like the X-29. I'll send you a couple of them. I don't have any of the bigger ones you would see on more modern cars.
  6. gna

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    Thanks Ken! Early is good--I have been tinkering with steamers and building old boxcars lately.

    I also have a friend with an Alps printer, and he has scanned and printed decal sets in the past, but it's getting harder and harder to keep it running.
  7. meteor910

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    gna -
    Please send me your name and mailing address. I'm not sure I have it.

    Thanks. Here is what I have down for you:

    Oddballs 238, 129 & 129 @ $3.00 each, the Champ EH-256 make up set @ $2.00, the Walthers B&O 26140 @ $2.00, plus Champ PRR circle keystones @ no charge. That's a total of $9 plus $2 plus $2 = $13 plus $2 for shipping in a flat envelope, total of $15. Payment as noted several times above.

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    Steve and I have conversed, so, if you would, send it to me and I will work with Steve on the rest. You got my paypal yesterday right? Looks like I owe you another $4.50 so far lol.
  9. gjslsffan

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    I had ways thought that blue had faded to that shade. Hmm
    I might be on the lookout for pictures.
  10. Paypal sent Ken. Thanks for hoarding all these years!! Do you know if there is a second set of 318 or 373 by any chance? Thanks
  11. meteor910

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    Steve -
    I'm starting to lose track of all of this. Ha! I think I replied somewhere already, but to reconfirm, there are no more 318's or 373's. I'm sorry, but they are all sold.

    I think at $17.50, you are paid up, which includes the 52 make up. So you are OK.

    We still have the issue of the 731 special caboose set, at $4.50. As I understand it, I am to send that to Tom. I assume he will pay for it, and then you two guys will split it up. My only requirement, other than $4.50, is that we get to see the pics of the fancy hacks you two excellent modelers put these decals on!

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  12. meteor910

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    No hoarding my friend, just built up an inventory of my favorite decals for my favorite railroad. It's a shame they are gone ..... they were/are very good.

    No more of the 318 available. I have about a half of a set left, but I want to keep it as I have two Frisco passenger cars I want to finish yet. I still have all my passenger stuff, plus five E's.

    When I get to the Champ decals (next), I'll have something to say about the Dulux (?) color Frisco decals, which I prefer much more than the bronze/gold, as that was the color of the lettering on the heavyweight cars I rode on 1960-1965.

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  13. meteor910

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    Tom -
    Yes, another $4.50 for the 731 special cab set, and we will be all even. I'll try to get all the shipments out ASAP.
    Thanks to all of you for your purchases.

  14. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Surprised none of you passenger guys have claimed the Walthers MKT heavyweight passenger set. Just do a baggage car - it will look at home in a Frisco passenger consist.


    ps - I have a bundle of red Texas Special/Meteor passenger decals as well, mostly TS. Anybody interested in them? Not just the big letter board road/train names, but the little details, road names and car names as well. They are Walthers decals, fairly old, but they look OK.

    When I've had trouble with old Walthers decals, it is that they won't release from the paper backing no matter how long I soak them. Any one have an idea how to solve that?
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  15. I will share pics for sure Ken but remember my projects are slow coal drags not hotshot piggybacks!! It may be a while. Ha
  16. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Steve - I certainly understand that. Me too! My projects were measured in weeks or months usually. Tom does a lot more in two days, and does it better!

  17. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Here are the Champ HO Frisco decal sets. Nice, complete unless noted. I think Champ are the easiest decal to work with, they have the thickest film (slightly) which makes them tough. I've never had one break. If you use the Microscale system (the "blue" and the "red"), they snuggle up on the model with the best of them. All it takes is several swipes with the red before the decal thoroughly dries. Prices for the Champ Decals are $2.50 per set, plus postage as described several times above. Payment via PayPal preferred, using the "friends & family" option, thus avoiding fees, or by personal check.

    Please pay quickly, as often there are people waiting for a set no longer available if you choose not to take them. Sorry, but I find slow payment frustrates my record system.

    First, a couple of questions:
    o I've enjoyed good success selling the Frisco decals, but not so good selling those from other roads. I have a bunch of Champ decals from other roads. Should I not bother listing them? Listing these things and managing the lists is time consuming.
    o Note the "HN" set below, a road name set. A Champ specialty. I have lots of these for other roads as well. Any interest?
    o Champ set HX-8, Frisco Express Reefer - I have a bunch of these. Reason - I prefer my passenger cars to be lettered in Dulux gold (yellow) as that is what they were lettered in when I rode the Frisco. I use the large FRISCO for the big road names on passenger cars, and they look terrific, but one does often need a source of Dulux lettering, more numbers, etc. I'll list one HX-8 below, but if there is interest in more, let me know. I need a few, but have more than needed.

    Here are the Frisco Champs: (FYI, Champ sets do have diagrams)
    HB-165, Frisco boxcar, boxcar red car, good for PS-1 era cars, white lettering, "Frisco Fast Freight", large black/white coonskin. (*)
    (*) I have a second HB-165 set, mint except the coonskins are missing. I'll replace them with coonskins from Oddballs.
    HC-93, Frisco open top panel side hopper, black car, white lettering, white Frisco Lines coonskin. [2 sets available]
    (X)(X)(X)(X)(X)HC-425, Frisco covered hopper, both 2-bay and 3-bay, grey car, black letters, black FRISCO.
    (X)HC-460, Frisco open top smooth side hopper, red oxide car, white lettering, large black/white coonskin.
    HC-620, Frisco ICC wide vision caboose, red oxide or boxcar red car, white lettering, black/white coonskin and "Ship it", yellow step warnings, white end diamonds, nice set
    (X)HN-86, Frisco Name set, an assortment of Frisco names for freight cars, white lettering, FRISCO, numbers, SL-SF's, white small Frisco Lines coonskins, small black/white coonskins two of everything.
    (X)HX-8, Frisco express reefer, Dulux color decals, FRISCO for car sides, REA info, numbers, small Frisco for under the number. [all available sets sold]

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    Ken, I'll take ten of the HX-8 if you have them and all five of the HC-425 Covered Hopper sets.
  19. Order up!......
    Ken I got your message about tank cars. I will take that plus:
    HC 460

    LMK a total and I will paypal like usual. Thanks,Steve
  20. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Keith -
    OK, you got it! I have ten Champ HX-8 plus five Champ HC-425 for you. That's 15 Champ decals @ $2.50, = $37.50, plus $2.50 postage, equal to $40.00 total.
    Thanks, I appreciate it. In my opinion, the FRISCO in the HX-8 set is the best one in Dulux, and the HC-425's have the advantage of working for either 2-bay or 3-bay LO's, plus it's a nice set. Enjoy!


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