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    Dora to Sipsey, AL List of Stations and Mile Poles

    Dora to Sipsey, AL.-

    M.P. Station----- Blt.- Aban. P.C.-
    0.0 Dora--------- 1901 1989 KCM&B
    0.7 Bergens------ 1901 1989 "
    4.4 Lorton------- 1901 1989 "
    5.0 Summit------ 1901 1989 "
    8.6 Drummond--- 1901 1989 "
    9.6 DeBardeleben 1901 1989 "
    10.0 Empire----- 1901 1965 "
    11.9 Dilworth---- 1913 1965 "
    14.8 Sipsey----- 1913 1965 KCM&B

    Predecessor Company-
    1) KCM&B-Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham RR (3)

    1) Connects with Birmingham Sub, Southern Division at Dora.
    2) Sipsey end-of-line.
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    I ran into Don Taylor of Beaverton, AL again today and talked with him about the DeBardeleben Branch. He was a forman on the branch at one time. He said they used to haul out about 30 cars of coal out of there twice a day, sometime 3 times a day. They shipped in ingredients for explosives to the mines. He was there with the contractor when they tore up the line. From my own memory, I believe this branch outlasted the Brilliant branch. Don also worked on the Brilliant branch for a while during his tenure with Frisco/BN. He is retired from BNSF.
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    Certainly, the DeBardeleben Coal Co. was a regular advertiser in the 1920s and 1930s in the Frisco Employee's Magazine.
  4. trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017)

    trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017) Passed away September 22, 2017

    Why would a coal company want to advertise to railroad employees unless those employees heated there homes with coal?
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    Re: Dora to Sipsey, AL List of Stations and Mile Poles

    Probably just for civic pride and to keep their name "out there." Too, there were likely to have been employees involved in purchasing who would have read the magazine.

    Tom G.
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    Dora AL.jpg Horse Creek Trail.jpg Sumiton AL.jpg Sipsey AL..jpg I was following this line on Google Earth today. I didn't know that was the name of this branch. I love this forum! I remember riding with my dad in a coal truck in the late eighties crossing that bridge to go in and dump coal at McWanes. The track had long been abandoned and the bridge was being used for vehicles now.
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    RE: Debardeleben Branch. I have been looking for any Frisco track charts or right of way maps for the (Empire Branch) that ran from Dora To Sipsey.
    have been doing research on the Debardeleben Coal Corporation's Sipsey & Empire Coal Mines that were along this branch line. Did not know if someone
    might have information on how to acquire these maps/charts.
    Many Thanks!
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    Tomas, Welcome to the Frisco website!!!
    I see you have posted your first message above.

    If you will go to forums and click on the New Members Introductions. Tell us about yourself and ask questions if you need anything. We have a great group of people who are very knowledgeable.

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    Hi Joe,
    Many Thanks Sir. I was highly recommended to join this site by a friend of mine who is very knowledgeable on historic railroads that
    served Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas. My main interest with regards to railroads has been the L&N and Birmingham Mineral
    Railroad Division of the L&N. I have been doing research on the Debardeleben Coal Corporation which had quite a few mining operations
    in Walker County, Alabama. Two of which that have been of most interest to me were the mines at Sispey and Empire. the KCM&B RR originally
    constructed the lines to these mines around 1912-13 and I believe by 1928 Frisco took them over. This section was called the Empire Branch Line
    that ran from Dora through Sumiton via Empire to Sispsey. I have been looking for additional Frisco charts/profiles right of way-station to station
    maps for this particular line. Needless to say the information has been very limited. Was hoping a Frisco member might be able to offer some helpful
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