Cuba, Missouri

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  1. Cuba Mo Station


    Frisco Depot Cuba, Mo 1956 b.jpg Frisco Depot Cuba, Mo 1920s.jpg
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  2. frisco1522

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    Same time frame, only in color. (1957)

    Cuba MO.jpg
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    :) Cuba Mo Station - 1914 & 24 Sanborn Maps

    Cuba, Mo 1914 b.jpg Cuba, Mo 1924 b.jpg
  4. railroadguy65

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    Cuba, Mo Frisco-BNSF employee Station 2009 1.jpg Cuba, Mo Frisco-BNSF employee Station 2009 2.jpg :) Cuba, Mo Frisco-BNSF Employee Station 2009
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    Does anyone know of a floor plan/ elevation drawing for the Cuba depot? I would like to bash one in large scale, and a bit more than the photos could go a long way to get it closer.
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    I raided this PDF from the Springfield, Missouri, library site...

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  7. w3hodoug

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    Don (frisco1522), in his modesty, didn't include a photo of his beautiful HO Cuba depot.
  8. frisco1522

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    That's because I don't have it any more. I sold it about ten years ago.
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    I remember it sitting in the case at Tinkertown.

    Sure do miss Tinkertown!

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    'Fraid that I missed seeing the depot, but I do remember seeing one of Don's locomotives on display. Stumbled across Tinkertown while taking the long way to dinner at Schneithorst's. That's the day that I swore off diesels.
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  11. Picture is of Cuba Depot.
    The train arriving from the curve is from the Salem- Branch SLSF,
    St. Louis Salem and Little Rock Railway. Salem- Branch 1873 - 1984
    is a beautiful ghost. Rails are gone. But a lot of the row s, can still be seen

    on Google Earth Pro.

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    No image on my machine, mountaincreeker.

  13. William Jackson

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    Just like I remember it, old Brown the agent used to say " Cuba " in a voice that everyone could remember. He had a divider and door where you had to get what you wanted in the waiting room. No walking into his space, to look at the orders he ran it like the old days.
  14. [​IMG]
    Pic labeled: Bird's eye view of Cuba MO, with depot half shown on the right.
    Town is quite small,.... the railroad was in its early years
    The curve to the SW may have been just to local customers 1859 - 1873
    before the 1873 St. Louis Salem & Little Rock (Salem-Branch).
    It could of had been after 1873.

    Picture is of Cuba Depot.
    The train arriving from the curve is from the Salem- Branch SLSF.

    Attached are:
    1. Cuba photo board; pictures depot & rolling stock.
    2. Birds Eye view; ....
    56641409_10216745297439095_4494979902885330944_n (1).jpg
    3. CUBAfrisco.jpg Photo of what was first posted 3rd upward.

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