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  1. Does anybody know what the Frisco Employees Magazine article is referring to when they wrote "Operator Dunham is still handling CT 42"? He was the operator of the Lawton Depot, Chickasha Subdivision, Southwestern Division. Was CT 42 the number/type of Frisco train that could have been running that leg?
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    The Frisco, like many businesses, used a legion of standard forms to conduct its daily business activities. The Frisco assigned each of these forms an alpha-numeric code. For example a “Book of Transportation Dept Rules was form CT-3; A Station Record of Train Movement was form CT-97; a Clearance Card was form CT-94; a Form 19 Train Order was form CT-110, and so on.

    So in this context, Operator Durham was still handling (or filling out, completing, etc.) Form CT-42. I am not certain what FORM CT-42 was, but it may have been the station ledger, the station train sheet, a telegraphic record, a record of transmitted train ordrers, or the like. In short, Operator Durham was still performing the duties of a station operator.

    After giving this some additional thought, it might also mean just the opposite. It could mean the Operator Durham has marked-off for some extended leave. In order to mark-off or take leave, he might have had to complete form CT-42. Some more context to the reference would be helpful.
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