Crawford and Cherokee Layout Update

Discussion in 'Divisions' started by rjthomas909, Jul 21, 2013.

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    I like it too Jim.
    Something I need to do is get some static grass down. My whole MRR looks like it had been recently mowed.
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    Thanks guys for the feedback. This weekend, worked on adding "Main street" and "Oak Street" to the Weir City Modules, and raising the ground level for the industries around Cherokee. Also, adding a small ditch and culvert under the tracks south of Oak Street. Sorry, no pictures, but plenty of cork and sculptamold.

    I have also been working on a way to best integrate the "Lighting Creek Mine" module into the layout. This is the module that is from the original Crawford and Cherokee, and which was salvaged when it was dismantled. My earlier track plan to incorporate this section required too much modification of the benchwork's structure.

    I have altered the mine module to have a narrow 90-degree interface, cutting off its formerly pointy end.

    With a short connecting module, this design will permit it to be part of a small switching layout and also part of the larger layout. I have entered such a plan into the "Model Rail Radio" small layout design contest (HO scale, with 1440 square inches or less). It will look something like this.


    It is a bit further along now, with connecting plates, pink foam, and cork is down on the small two-track section. This narrow rectangular section will have space for a small depot and a few other structures. Will definitely be some good fun when the larger layout is stored, or for a show. I might even build a second segment for the two-track section with another short yard track, but that would not fit in the contest rules.

    In order to connect the mine module to the Crawford and Cherokee, I have the following most recent plan:

    You may note a new ~4-ft module with a 45-degree corner and with three turnouts. It will connect the town of Cherokee to the now modified Lightning Creek module with a tw0-track interface. This gives the layout a slightly more prototypical track layout in Cherokee, with two ends for what I am calling a yard track (was actually a passing or interchange track in real life). I went and grabbed the lumber for this module over the weekend, with the goal of working on it during the upcoming three-day weekend. Also received additional GapMasters from American Tie and Timbers to put all of these together.

    Well, I hope you all had a good weekend (Go Chiefs!)

    -Bob T.
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    Bob, I have been enjoying your wonderfully systematic and sensible approach to layout construction. It is beneficial for me as I work new things and ideas in my own land grant.

    And wish the Chiefs had pulled it out. Regardless, it was a fun season.
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    Always fun to watch a layout come to life. Thanks for sharing you efforts with us.


    The Chiefs are young and inexperienced. I thought good adjustments were made to get them back in the game in the 2nd half.

    It was ours to win, but IMHO, that offside penalty (again: inexperience) was the killer. As soon as I saw the turnover, I knew we had the game won (we could run the clock out). Getting it called back because of an offside was so heartbreaking.

    Maybe next year!

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    Thanks guys. A good year overall, I guess. Hopefully one to build on.

    On the road this week and much of the next couple, so won’t have much progress to report for the layout.

    Take care,

    -Bob T.
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    Good Evening Frisco Friends,

    Over the past couple of weeks, there were a few short bursts of progress on the Crawford and Cherokee. Mostly worked on assembling cars:

    However, some progress on benchwork. The Lightning Creek Mine module, which will turn off of the main line south of the Cherokee module (see plan above) is a carry-over from the old layout and did not have matching benchwork in the form of the "waffle" modules built more recently. Worked to change it from the 1"x3" framed version above (post from the 13th of January) to this version with matching structure:

    This will allow it to attach to the rest of the layout, with one module between Cherokee and the mine module left to build. It still needs some paint and legs, but I think it is turning into a good save from version 1 of the layout. The small cartridge module was created to allow this pair to be used as a small switching layout, independent of the larger garage-surrounding assembly.

    Something like this:

    Also need to assemble the bridging module that is a rectangle with a corner cut to the dimensions of this mine's end plate. It is shown in the plan above from the 13th of January as well. You can see some of the parts in the background. Hopefully, will get to it over the weekend. Finally home from travel for most of February, so I look forward to seeing you on our favorite site.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    Good Evening Frisco Friends,

    A nice 3-day weekend does wonders for the soul, and for the layout. I was able to spend some time working on the Cherokee diamond section, taking it from brown-painted foam blandness to the start of something that is planned to be a key scene on the layout.

    The Cherokee diamond module is going to hopefully result in this scene (from


    to see a nice album from Cherokee, KS.

    The station is on the North-South line between Fort Scott, KS and Afton, OK. Not sure what train this is, but the notation says between 1895 and 1905. The curved track is the interchange between the N-S line and the E-W Parsons Sub, and leading to my modeled branch line to Weir, KS. You can see that there is a depressed region within the area captured by the tracks, so the flat-foam top received some terraforming.

    and as of today, looks something like this:

    A bit of mocking up a scene that will eventually include the Cherokee station, you get a view from 2nd Street something like this on the layout:

    Although I don't have a passenger train to put in place, here are a few photos from that section.

    This gives a 5th (and a half?) section that has a reasonable amount of initial scenery, with the big modules of Cherokee and Weir to go yet.

    Happy Presidents Day to All,

    -Bob T.
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    Presidents Day Addendum:

    The weekend layout work included a traffic jam of modules set up for various reasons:

    From this picture, you can also see that some work was being done on the switching layout version of the Lightning Creek Mine module. The picture shows that I was able to get it up on some legs with casters and paint the fascia.

    The track for the small town/cartridge module had the track glued down with some DynaFlex caulk:

    And the Gap-Masters installed and track gaps cut with a razor/jewelers saw.

    The resulting switching layout is going to be a nice diversion when I can't set up the whole layout:

    (The paper cut-out is the size of the Weir depot, which I will eventually scratch build.

    The shortest track is just long enough for a locomotive and and two 40-ft cars:

    which I think will be good for just pushing some cars around. Just ran out of time to get the track painted this weekend, but pretty good progress over all.

    Take care all,

    -Bob T.
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    Looking really good, Bob!

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