Crawford and Cherokee Layout Update

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    Bob -
    Thoroughly enjoying seeing the layout design and construction process. Will be interested in hearing of any potential operating scheme; it looks like there should be a lot of fun packed into it.

    Best Regards,
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    I wish. That 2-8-0 is the work of Frisco Friend, Tom Holley. A prized possession, no doubt about it.
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    Howdy All,

    Today, in-between trips to Omaha and Chicago, I had some time to build prototype legs for the modules. As this will be a layout that will be assembled for short times, I needed a design for easily removable legs. Thanks to some very long, boring meetings, I sketched up a removable leg design that has materialized in the photos below.

    I decided on about 48-50 inch table height. Here is what will be the Weir, KS main module.

    The legs are made from L-girder-like pairs of 1x2 and 1x3 select pine, along with a couple of plywood panels to provide stability. I will add a 2x2 at the end of each leg for a t-nut and round-head bolt. These will be used to level and align different sections. I think they could also use some sort of pin at the top such that they do not slide out if someone lifts a section to move it.

    There are two short pieces to form a slot for the legs, about six inches long. The short end is 2 inches, the long end 4 inches. To keep them from shifting or splitting, there is a stirrup across them.

    The legs are inserted so:

    These also serve as "tiny stubby legs" which will keep switch machines from hitting the ground during assembly, as their plugs may extend below the 1x3 that is the frame of each module. I think they will also protect fascia, if cut to match their length.

    Unfortunately, I was only able to get one set of legs assembled today, but many pieces for assembly were cut out. I also created a couple of end plates from furniture grade plywood that will be used at interfaces between modules. (not shown yet).

    Enjoy....comments welcomed. Happy Easter!

    -Bob T.
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    Looks great. Happy Easter Bob.
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    Robert, unless I am mistaken, that 2-8-0 has made quite a trip; it started its travels at my workbench - I bought it originally and put Tsunami sound in it then swapped it to him.
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    Fantastic! Thanks Keith. You are probably correct. Again, a treasure for sure! Look for it to make more appearances here. It was one of the few that I kept when I had to tear down the old layout.
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    Made a bit of progress over the weekend. Finished up one more set of legs for the MoPac interchange module. As it seemed uncivilized to run the miter saw in the back yard on Easter Sunday, I decided to work on some roadbed installation. I used some foam-safe liquid nails and it seems to work pretty well with about 2-3 hours of drying. Below are a couple of photos of progress:

    Testing out the fit of cars on the interchange track, it looks like a good fit for 2-3 cars. Going to need a Plexiglas barrier to keep from pushing cars off into the abyss.

    I hope you enjoy and can send tips if you have them.

    -Bob T.
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    On my trip last week to Chicago, I made the required pilgrimage to Des Plaines Hobbies. What a fantastic store!

    Picked up a depot kit (MKT, but serviceable).

    I plan to use this as a stand in for a Weir depot until I can scratch build one. I will try to Frisco-ize it a bit.
    Anyone know where there is a drawing of the floor plan for the Weir, KS depot? We had one on the site for Scammon, that I used for that scratch build.

    Thanks All,

    -Bob T.
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    Quick update: Some progress on the layout. Legs for most modules completed and installed. Was able to put down roadbed down on four new modules. For some reason, I still don't have legs for the existing mine branch. I also need to finish up the tail track for the Weir module as a 1.5 x 4 ft segment and make the connector end plates. Looks like it will just fit in the two car garage when all modules are together, but it will not all be set up again for some time, as I plan to work on only one or two at a time on the workbench.


    -Bob T.
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    Bob, things are coming together quickly. Nice, clean track plan...thanks for the update.

    Best Regards,
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    I do have a floor plan for the Weir station. I can make a photo copy and mail it to you. the depot was 27'2" wide and had 3 rooms. waiting room was 17'3", office was 12'3" and the freight room was 27'0". The office did have a 3 sided bump out on the track side. The depot had a 21'3" Chat platform that was 75' long.

    Tony LaLumia
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    Thanks Tony! I will send you a message with my mailing address.

    -Bob T.
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    That looks like a class A model railroad! I really like the benchwork.
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    A great find tonight. Kansas Memory (Kansas Historical Society) has a Plat Book for Crawford County with 54 images from around 1900-1910.

    This map of Cherokee:

    shows where the roundhouse was...something I was wondering from this photo:

    and fills in some detail from this map posted earlier by Dale Rush:

    The Cherokee County Plat Book includes some areas around Weir, from which I should be able to locate a few mines and smelters from the other fire/valuation maps:

    If you are interested in the Frisco lines in these areas, these are great maps of the turn of the century.


    -Bob T.
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    RJ your floor plans are on their way

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    Thanks a million!
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    Many thanks to Tony for a copy of the Weir, KS depot floor plan. Will make a cutout to measure fit in Weir module, but looks like it is a bit smaller than the Scammon depot that I built. I used this to plan the space needed, so should be OK.

    With my one-day weekend between work trips, I did manage to make a small amount of progress. After a quick run to the New Braunfels train show for some flex track, I was able to put in a few hours on the benchwork. Roadbed is down for the Cherokee crossing module, and installed end plates between Cherokee, Cherokee Crossing, and the MoPac interchange. Below are a few images:

    (Needs a 45 degree cut to meet edge better)

    I used some alignment pins from a recent MRH article, which are available from Amazon.

    Link to article:

    Enjoy, and see you next weekend!

    -Bob T.
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    Frisco Friends,

    Been a while since the last update. I had posted in the "Workshop Wednesday" thread that I was experimenting with the waffle form of modules.....

    I needed to make one additional module (18" x 48") for the new Crawford and Cherokee layout (see other thread). While I was travelling, I listened to a recent MRH podcast including an interview with the Sipping and Switching Society of North Carolina, which led me to read their article in the April 2009 Model Railroader.

    Link to podcast:

    They build lightweight "waffle modules" and I thought I would give the construction technique a try. I was lucky to have my neighbor give me a sheet of 1/2 inch birch plywood from a remodeling project (used for base), the remainder is made from 1/4 inch Luaun plywood, gussets, 3/4 inch end plates, 1" pink foam, and a half-bottle of Gorilla Glue.

    Since that time, I had tried to set up the layout with several sections for installing roadbed and track. I found that my construction resulted in repeatedly pulling loose the end-plates for the modules. As a result, I converted the existing modules to the waffle style, salvaging most with the exception of the MoPac interchange module. When that was lost, I opted to plan a longer section with three ~4ft modules for the interchange and connections to the corners. This allows me to add a lead towards the north for coal cars and improved operations. I will post the updated plan later this week. It has taken some time to complete this revision, as I have been traveling quite a bit for work (and it has been hot, limiting my time in the garage).

    I have finished most of the legs and most of the alignment pins for the modules today (I have the tail track module for Weir to add legs), and below are pictures of some of the work. This style seems to be much more durable for setup and tear down. I did not get them all connected in one continuous layout, as I am waiting on some casters to put on the bottom of the legs.

    I hope you enjoy....with any luck travel will let up. It would be nice to get some track down and the initial interchange to Weir area running with some scenery. I could actually work on single modules inside in the air conditioning!

    All the Best,

    -Bob T.
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