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  1. geep07

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    I wanted to replace some couplers on a few box cars from Proto 2000 with Kadee #5's. When I took the couple box apart the existing couple appear to be an EZ Mate type couple with whiskers. They worked fine for awhile but they kept failing to remain coupled due to the arm being pushed open and locked perpendicular to the couple.

    When I tried to place the Kadee bronze spring plate over the bolster, the hole in the spring plate diameter was too small and would not fit over the bolster. No Big Deal, I just need to get Kadee #5's with whiskers.
    When I found out how much more in cost they are compared to old #5's, this project would cost a small fortune.

    Where is the NMRA standard? I thought that NMRA was to keep things standard for things like this!

    Talk about being Pissed Off to the Height of my Pissabilty!

  2. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    The cost is too much, I just use what's on the car and change out the ones that fail. Course it's better when you can to buy cars with Kadee's. The NMRA has standards, but anyone can make them. I suppose it cuts the cost to the maker, enough that it pay's off to them.
  3. dwoomer

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    I do the same as Bill.
  4. gna

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    Are you using the Kadee 148s?

    I didn't think they were that expensive. As far as NMRA standards, Kadees were patented at the time, so the NMRA coupler is this:
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  5. Iantha_Branch

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    By default, I always by Kadee #148's instead of #5's because of this issue. There really isn't much of a price difference between the two. Compare:
    $36 for 25 pair = $1.44 per pair
    $23 for 20 pair = $1.15 per pair
    I know with your size of layout you have a lot of cars, but even 100 cars will only cost and additional $29.
  6. klrwhizkid

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    John, look for Kadee #14 which is a bulk pack of the standard head couplers with whiskers.

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