Correct Horn Sound for H10-44

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  1. gna

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    I recently installed a sound decoder in a Walthers H10-44. This is the old model made by Roco. It is very heavy and runs well. I modified it for DCC, ground out the top weight, and installed a small Tsunami 2 1100 sound decoder. I put a "sugar cube" speaker on the rear truck.

    The sound is surprisingly good, but I'm unsure what the correct horn is. I can't find it listed here, so I chose a Leslie. Anyone know which sound is correct?

    Here is a link to choices: and Other Sound Selections.pdf
  2. klrwhizkid

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    Most commonly Leslie A200. Note my caution about volume levels in the Workshop Wednesday thread.
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  3. meteor910

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    Yes, a single, long trumpet Leslie. Don't know much about what sound to use.

    Usually, but not always (see the FP7's for example), the Frisco chose Leslie horns.

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  4. William Jackson

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    It's a pitiful sound. I can't hardly stand it, kinda uh-gah
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  5. gna

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    I had picked Leslie A125, but changed to A200. Not the best horn sound, but I like the A200 better.
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