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    Interior view of Lounge Car

    Interior view of Lounge Car on the pre-streamlined "Meteor". Postcard.

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    Coach #759

    Here are a bunch of pictures I took April 12,2000 at
    The Age of Steam Museum in Dallas,Texas of Heavyweight
    coach #759.

    According to the information I have, car was built 1/1912 by
    ACF. Rebuilt by Frisco 1/1944.

    Coach is a a 56 seat coach with a partition.

    Exterior Shots:

    Exterior Details:

    Interior shots:

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    This car is a sister coach, virtually identical, to the coach in operation at the Dixie Railroad Museum at Calera,AL. I rode it last year, and the experience brought back wonderful memories of the "Sunnyland." I believe the coach number at the DRM is 1062 or 1064. Some cars from both the 700 series and 1000 series were rebuilt into identical cars with air conditioning.
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    I just purchased an ex FRISCO heavyweight lounge car "Oklahoma City".(interior on postcard at the bottom of this page) Built as a diner by ACF in 1933 and rebuilt by Springfield Shops in 1934 as a lounge car. Does anybody have photos or information on this car? We plan to rebuild the car, and return it back to FRISCO livery. After restoration begins photos will be posted on the RIP TRACK page of our website at Please contact our office with any info at 417-546-6453 or Thanks John Suscheck]
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    "Glendale" #1603 "Shadowline" Coach

    "Glendale" #1603 "Shadowline" coach for "The Texas Special;" W. Springfield Car Shops 11-2-1948. Published in Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" magazine; posted with permission.

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    Interior shot, Coach #1073 - Men's Lounge

    Interior shot, Coach #1073 - Men's Lounge. 1-23-1938. Frisco photo; published in the Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" magazine and posted with permission.

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  7. I work with the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum that has this car. Do any of you guys have a roster page of this car similar to other cars that people have posted information on? Is there a FRISCO passenger equipment roster book like there are for other railroads?
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