Chaffee, MO to Hoxie, Ar

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    Train #876

    Train #876, Daily x-Sunday. Photo provided by Mel Nierdieck; reprinted from old FMIG newsletter. The Chaffee coal dock is in the background. Motive power is #876, heading north to Nash, MO where the Hoxie subdivision split from the St. Louis Sub.

    The locomotive appears to be flying green flags? I can't imagine this little mixed train running 2 or more sections!

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    If that rascal is heading north, where are the hills in the background? Also, the train appears to be switching which would explain more than two sections.
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    Hugh -
    See the companion photo of #876 in front of the depot at

    The consist is the same. It looks like part of the hills are visible in the lower LH corner of the photo. From the angle that it was taken, my guess is that the area directly behind the coal tower is where the height of the hill tapers down toward E. Davidson and E. Parker.

    The original caption in the old FMIG newsletter did not confirm whether it was switching or not, but since the train was a "mixed" and considering the era, a single boxcar and coach are probably consistent.
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