Central Division ETT 39, May 9, 1954

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    Central Division ETT 39, May 9, 1954

    I posted this in part to show how difficult it has been to find good information for the Central Division. (Several of you out there know exactly what I'm talking about.) I purchased a series of several 1950's Central Division ETT's on eBay and believe it or not, this was not the worst one. In fairness to the seller I will say that the condition was fairly stated in the auction. (Hint) If any of you have a Central (or other) Division Employee Timetable from a period not represented here on Frisco.org, this might be a good time to scan and post it. The condition of this ETT should help point out the obvious, just like us these printed materials are not getting any younger and they won't be around forever - unless you share them.

    This will be the last ETT post for a while. I'll have to wait until I can scan some more of them and that probably wont be anytime soon. For some reason my wife feels like this is delaying some house repair work I need to be doing.


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    Thanks John for all the ETT's you've been posting here the past few days. They are MUCH appreciated.

    Well... imagine that! ;)


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