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    At the annual Steam-Orama & Antique Engine Show yesterday, a vendor asked for help in
    providing information on a single cylinder engine he was previously told was manufactured by
    Northwest Engine Co. for A Casey Jones Track Motor Car.

    I am not that familiar with this website but do have some pictures of his engine which I researched
    in a 1926 edition of the Railway Engineering and Maintenance yearbook. This may be the forerunner
    group that later became A.R.E.A. and is now AREMA? It lists a picture of The Casey Jones No. 531 Inspection Motor Car, also Model 550 Heavy Duty Motor Car. I have seen the Casey Jones formerly at Carona, KS so this vendor's engine may be from a model 531!

    Anyone interested in the actual pictures and/or the yearbook pictures, maybe we can somehow
    exchange information.

    Joe G. Felin
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