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    Hello All,

    Several times in the past, the question of how siding lengths are calculated (primarily in the timetable) has come up.
    (two prior threads that I found are:
    and )

    I found in my collection of Frisco documents a book I forgot I owned, and probably picked up in an e-bay auction. The
    book is Frisco "Form MW 200 Standard" and is titled "Manual of Instructions for the Engineering - Maintenance of Way
    Department". The copy I own now at one point belonged to the Roadmaster in Fayeteville,Ark.

    As it relates to calculating car capacities of sidings, the book includes the formulas the Frisco used to do so. I am attaching to
    this post scans of the book's cover and the two pages over which the information on siding capacity (which includes a few other
    interesting tidbits, such as how far signals were placed from the points of the switch).

    The section of interest starts with "BASIS FOR COMPUTING..." and starts at the bottom of page 108.

    NOTE: individual pages in this document have different dates. The date of the section the siding length pages is in is January 1,1962.

    I hope this is useful information.


    P.S. Sorry about the coloring on P108. A small issue with my scanner, and I didn't have time
    to go back and fix it tonight. I may fix it later.

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  2. Was there a name in the book or just assigned to the roadmaster? My godfather was Ben Ross. He worked Fayetteville for over 40 years.
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    I doubled checked... no name... just the note on the front cover.


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