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    Hi Frisco Fans,
    Does anyone know if the swinghanger caboose trucks are available in HO scale? These are such different looking trucks, I would like to have 6-7 sets to go under my cabooses.
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    Hi Tom,
    The only items I have seen recently is at Walthers website. I don't know if any of those will work for you or not. I thought to pass this on to you.

    Redo!! I just googled, and found this link:
    See if there might be something there.
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  3. mark

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    The General Steel Castings (GSC) swinghanger-equalized trucks you are seeking have been produced in plastic for use under their Union Pacific (UP) CA-3 and CA-4 style cabooses by Centralia Car Shops. This cabooses has been marketed over the years through two sources.

    Originally, the caboose was marketed as an unassembled kit through the Chicago metro area hobby shop Des Plaines Hobbies, Des Plaines, IL. They also sold the trucks in 1 pair (two trucks) as separate parts. Their current web site is rather limited, so to see if the trucks are still available recommend you contact them directly. Their contact information is listed on their web site:

    Currently, this caboose is being marketed as an assembled model by InterMountain Railway Company, Inc., Longmont, CO. On their web site they do not currently list the trucks as separate parts. However, if contacted directly you may be able to order them as separate parts. Their contact information, including e-mail, is listed on their web site:

    Also, there may be another possible source for these trucks but in brass. Several years ago, a limited run of assembled brass models of Frisco (and Union Pacific) cabooses that used this style truck were produced by Overland Models, Inc., Muncie, IN. At that time they also sold the trucks in pairs on a limited availability basis as "detail parts". Unfortunately, Overland Models has announced that they have exited the business of selling "detail parts".

    Overland is planning to release assembled models of Frisco cabooses later in 2009. If unavailable from either of the other sources noted above, Overland might have a few extra trucks available for a very short time around the planned caboose release. Expect to pay "brass prices" for the trucks. If you or anyone else wants to go this route, I highly recommend quickly contacting Tom Marsh at Overland Models, Inc. If available as separate parts at all, it will be important to be on the front end of the production order. Their contact information is listed on their web site:

    Hope this helps. If someone finds a current source or sources for the trucks, please update this post with the appropriate information.


  4. mark

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    Concerning the caboose truck post above, Overland Models will also be producing an International Car Company wide vision style caboose with the Rockwell International High Speed style truck.

    This truck was used under SL-SF 1200 (previously 200). The truck had been previously available and marketed for a limited time as a separate "detail part" by Overland Models, Inc. It would also be worth asking if this truck will be available later this year (2009) as a separate part.

    To my knowledge, this style truck has never been produced in plastic. Note: the Kansas City Southern (KCS) Railway also used this truck under their stainless steel bay window style cabooses numbered in the 300 series.


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    Thanks Mark,
    Des Plains Hobby used have at least 6 sets of these trucks in stock. $$6.95 a set, w/plastic wheels. Got em on the way.
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    Re: Caboose trucks Bay window

    |-||-|Anyone have photos or drawings of truck generators used on the SL-SF bay window cabooses? I can barely see them at all, could use an idea of how to build one.
    Tom Holley|-||-|
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    Man, sounds like a project is about to get off the ground. Be careful, your last post was #666.
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    OH DEAR:eek::eek: glad I am past that now:D
    Tom Holley
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    Whew! That was close.
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    I know I can always count on my Corpsman:D:D to keep me going.
    Tom Holley
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    Old thread, I know.

    Its going on 14 years since this was brought up. Wondering if anyone has started 3d printing the GSC swinghanger trucks?
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