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    Please see the following links for photographs Frisco caboose SLSF 1776. (11/15/1973) (overhead shot, 1976) (8/11/1978) (7/11/1979) (3/1/1981) (8/2/2008) (7/27/2009) (8/4/2009)

    This was the prototype and test bed caboose, and the 1st one constructed, for both the 1700 and 1400 series cars. The car was constructed from a car body and frame from a former Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 17887.

    It shares most all characteristics with the later cabooses, with the exception of larger square side windows mounted within the sidewalls. The later cars had exterior surface mounted rectangular aluminum frame windows.

    This is one of the of the Frisco built cabooses intended for road and pool service. When released in 8/1972, it was painted in a special paint scheme. This was one of 4 cabooses painted by the Frisco to help celebrate America's Bicentennial. It was unique as the only caboose to carry this patriotic paint scheme that included stars, a flag and the seal of the United States of America.

    Nice details include the 2 white coonskins on the side sill at the ends of the truck bolsters, the red coonskin on each of the end eves, the 13 stars on the large stripes (7 on the red stripe, 6 on the blue stripe), the "waving" American flag on the far right and the contrasting color handrails and grab irons.

    This caboose toured the system in a special train along with a Seaboard Coast Line U-36-B and two Santa Fe baggage cars decorated in a similar paint scheme. The baggage cars carried historical documents to help celebrate the 200th year anniversary celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    When released in 8/1972 it was one of the first pieces of railroad equipment in the country painted for the Bicentennial. It was repainted in 1978 into Mandarin orange and white. Caboose is currently in BN paint and lettering with blanked car body windows.

    The car is located in east central North Dakota. It is near the center of town, on the east side of the central business dustrict, across from City Hall, just south of the town's Fire and Police Departments. It sits in a park on the west side of the railroad tracks, 1 block south of West Caledonia Avenue and just north of 1st Avenue Southwest.

    There is a a tall city water tower 2 blocks and large grain elevator complex one block to the north. From I-29, Exit 104, W. Caledonia Ave., head east 7 blocks to just before the railroad grade crossing and turn south on Main St. The caboose will be on the left. A 1950's ventage "modern" brick depot is directly across the tracks east of the caboose.

    The location address is 76 Main St. Southwest, Hillsboro, ND.

    Please see,86.47,,0,-6.01.

    Hope this helps.


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    Any particular reason that July 1978 it's O&W but in August its bi centennial?
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    That's August '78 and July '79.
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    I sniped this off ebay

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